Daily Blog| Day of organising

We haven’t done much today.

We started the day of with playing in the ball pit whilst I relived my childhood by eating the cheaper version of lucky charms.

Today I’ve tried , tried being the main word to tackle the washing today. Lets just say I haven’t been that successful and still have a full basket to get through. Praying for nice weather because we need to get packed and sorted to go to Jonny’s Dad’s for the week.

Other then that we’ve cuddled up took some photos and some practice videos for when we start vlogging. Which seemed to entertain Stacey. We also catched up on our favourite YouTuber Louise Pentland. Logan enjoys seeing Pearl on the screen bless him. I relate a lot to her vlogs now I’m a mum.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day I know it will be because Jonny is getting to spend the day with us ! It’ll be busy and boring as we need to pack, but I’m sure we’ll do something exciting.

Until then I’ll see you all tomorrow.



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