How to prepare for breastfeeding

I knew I wanted to breastfeed it was never forced upon me it was my choice to but I had a feeling I may take after my mum and be in the small percentage of people to have there milk dry up after giving birth.

Luckily I wasn’t I’m now 4 month into breastfeeding and I love it. People say it’s easy I’m going to be honest it’s not. It’s easy once you get used to it yes but them first few weeks are so hard, you and your baby have a huge learning curve to get through.

So here’s my tips on how to prepare;


I regret not doing enough of this massively! So I’llsay this is the most important thing to prepare yourself for breastfeeding, do your research! It really isn’t just putting your baby on the boob there is so much more to breastfeeding to learn.

For me I have a health nurse who did go through a few things about breastfeeding that was useful.

She showed me how to express, what to do if I have a blocked milk duct , advised me to massage my boobs everyday. Let’s just say her advice helped. I used it in hospital when asked to express and I knew exactly what to do quite confident.

The main thing to research is how your baby will feed. The first few days is constant feeding. This doesn’t mean your baby isn’t getting enough they’re simply bringing in your milk. Its quite magical really that your baby knows exactly what to do to get you to produce enough milk for feeds.

Anyway enough for research I’ll add some useful links down below to read.

2. Talk to other breastfeeding mums

You can read all the articles you want but sometimes the best advice and support comes from other breastfeeding mums. Everyone feeds their baby differently, you’ll probably find out a new way to latch which will suit you or how to pump better if you’re struggling. For me personally I struggle to pump milk unless I’m engorged which is very rare. However it’s become much easier now I massage before had and have Logan either on me or near me.

3.Buy a pump

I got advised not to incase I couldn’t breastfeed but I honestly wish I ignored that advice. Buy a pump , if you’re in hospital for a few nights the midwife will look after your baby if you pump milk for them to use. It’s also fab for sorting out engorged boobs.

4. Have a support network

This is so important for days when you’re feeling like you haven’t got enough milk or all the feeding is getting too much you need supportive people to tell you to keep going you’re doing great. Also add a lactation consultant or midwife to the list because sometimes if you’re having issues breastfeeding you need professional support.

5.Get stocked up on breast pads and cream

Anything with lanolin is great for the nipple’s for them first week you’ll need it it feels like heaven! As for breast pads stock up because you go through them fast , you can also get pads with cooling effect and lanolin cream on them which are heaven to wear.

6. Nursing bras

This is my personal preference, when I was pregnant people told me nursing bras are not worth it. But oh my I wish I didn’t listen. Nursing bras are so much more comfortable and supporting and not to mention easier to feed in. I paid £35 for my first nursing bra but you can get them on wish for much much cheaper and they do the job !

7. A nursing station

Make a little box of snacks get a nice comfy pillow near to make your nursing experience as comfortable as possible.

8. Buy formula

I may get hate for saying this but buy one bottle of formula , why? Because not everyone can breastfeed successfully, a small percentage of women experience their milk drying up and some just simply don’t enjoy breastfeeding and that’s okay because it’s not for everyone and you won’t know that until you try. Always have a back up.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to breastfeed?



Useful links;

For beginners;

Different positions;

Identify a lip and tongue tie

Breastfeeding support

Nursing bras

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