The Sun Controls Me

Okay so something different from motherhood, it’s something I’m pretty obsessed with. Astrology, numerology and tarot has always been a huge interest of mine.

I know not a lot of people believe in star signs or psychics , but I do. I believe there is a science to how we are meant to live our lives.I’m a huge believer of everyone having a guardian angel protecting them and who’s able to give messages to warn us on future events.

You all probably think I’m crazy reading this but we all believe in something.

So on this blog I’m going focus on star signs and how to find out your ascendant and moon.

Your Star sign is what decides your zodiac personality, your moon is second most important as this influences how you react to situations. It basically controls your emotions. Your ascendant sign also known as rising is how other people see you.

To work out your moon and ascendant you’ll need your date of birth , time you were born (put midnight if unsure) and where you were born.

Use the link below to find out:

The star signs and their traits:


This is Logan’s sign! Il be honest I don’t think I’ve ever met an Aquarius before so I can’t really have an opinion on them. Here’s the traits below.

Strengths: selfless , original, independent, humanitarian, intellectual and a good listener

Weaknesses: can’t deal with emotional people , hates disagreement, uncompromising.

Best compatible with; leo and Sagittarius (which happens to be mine and Jonny’s sign)


I’ve only know two people who are a pisces and the ones I know are nice but an absolute know it all and love to be loud when around people.

Strengths: kind , gentle , compassionate, artistic

Weaknesses: overly trusting , always trying to escape reality, doesn’t take criticism well.

Best compatible sign: virgo and taurus


I know plenty of Aries this seems to be a sign I get on really well with but if we ever have a disagreement with one it gets extremely heated. They seem happy go lucky and pretty hyperactive.

Strengths: intellectual, honest , optimistic, confident , great leader.

Weaknesses: impatient, moody , fiery , short tempered , aggressive

Best compatible: leo , libra and Sagittarius.


My best friend is a taurus. This sign is usually sensible and reliable and compassionate when with the right person.This sign is let’s say , a brand whore, they love the best of the best. You won’t see them in cheap clothes or make up and they’ll probably have the most up to date phone too.

Strengths: reliable, practical, many talents , romantic.

Weaknesses: hates change , stubborn , possessive , uncompromising.

Best compatible with: Scorpio and cancer


Ah another one of my friends signs, I’m very hot and miss with Geminis seem to meet loads of them but they’re funny characters. They really do live up to being two people. Their personality can change like a flick of a switch.

Strengths: love change , affectionate, quick learner , adaptable, confident, very social.

Weaknesses; unreliable, unfaithful, indecisive, can’t stand routine.

Best compatible with: Sagittarius, Leo and Aquarius


I get on so well with this sign , cancers seems to be the most understanding people. They’re loyal and have all the time in the world to help someone out. But they’re also dark horses, they very rarely get angry but when they do you know about it.

Strengths: loyal , emotional, sympathetic, persuasive.

Weaknesses: moody , complain a lot , insecure, manipulative , hates criticism, not a fan of strangers and hates change.

Best compatible with: Capricorn and taurus


My sign so obviously the best right ? Only thing I’ll disagree with slightly is we don’t always like to be the centre of attention which is what Leo’s seem to always be associated with. Understadable as many great actors and leaders are Leo’s. Fun little fact I share my birthday with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Strengths: original, creative, generous, warm-hearted , happy go lucky , funny.

Weaknesses: stubborn , lazy , arrogant, inflexible , hate change and being ignored.

Best compatible with: Sagittarius , Aquarius and Gemini


I’ve not met many Virgo’s but they all seem to have one thing in common which is sport. They’re quite shy too.

Strengths: practical, kind , loyal ,clean , hard-worker.

Weaknesses: shy , over critical , over think.

Best compatible with; pisces and cancer


Not a lot to say for this sign as they’re are very indecisive.

Strengths: fair , gentle , adaptable, sees both sides to a disagreement , forgiving.

Weaknesses: indecisive, holds grudges , lacks confidence.

Best compatible with : aries and Sagittarius


Most people seem to really dislike this sign , I can see why because Scorpios are arrogant. But they’re not too bad there is many good traits to a Scorpio.

Strengths; honest , true friend , romantic , passionate , good with money , sensible and funny.

Weaknesses: possessive, arrogant, jealous , secretive , always has to be right.

Best compatible with; Taurus and cancer


One of my favourite signs because I’m surrounded by so many of them. I seem to get on with Sagittarians the best out of the whole zodiac. My mum , boyfriend and best friend are all Sagittarians.

They’re fun , easy to get on with but absolute nightmare to have a disagreement with because personally I find them childish.

Strengths: spontaneous, lucky , outgoing , great sense of humour , easy going , generous, independent, very loving.

Weaknesses: childish, impatient, not great with money , speak their minds. Hate clingyness.

Best compatible with: leo , Aries and Gemini


The last one in the zodiac left to do. This sign is my least favourite because I usually struggle to get on with this sign a lot as well clash. I tend to find Capricorns either know it alls or they always have some sort of confrontation which they use to get as much attention as possible.

Strengths: hard-working, family orientated, responsible, strong willed , speaks mind.

Weaknesses:hold grudges , let’s people walk all over them , negative outlook on life.

Best compatible with: taurus and cancer

So what’s your start sign? Do you fit the traits?

×× Il be doing astrology resulted stuff every so often on the blog seen a though so many of you share the same interest! ××

– Sadie x

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