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It has been so so strange not doing daily blogs for a week! But I’m going to be back on track now we’ve had a week of family time. Which if you’ve read my most of my blogs you know that’s a rarity, so here is what we did this week.

Friday 22nd June

Early morning for us all, surprisingly that early me and Jonny were up before Logan. We had to wake him up to get him ready which is odd. We got ready and waited for our taxi to get our coach to Leeds. Logan luckily made the journey so easy for us as he just slept pretty much the whole time.

We get to Leeds and the weather is absolutely beautiful, you know that feeling when the plane doors open when you go to a hot country? It was exactly like that getting off the coach.

We got a bit of fresh air before jumping into a taxi on the way to Jonny’s dads. This was the first time Logan got to meet his grandad, after a quick nap in the taxi he woke up as we arrived and gave his grandad the biggest smile ever soon as he saw him.

We got settled in and let Logan have a lot of time with his grandad. Come the afternoon the weather was like being in the Mediterranean and what the best thing to eat in this kind of weather? A BBQ obviously so that’s what we had.

Saturday 23rd June

Logan was an angel and let us both have a sleep in, we didn’t roll out of bed until 10 am! The weather, unfortunately, wasn’t as nice as the day before, it was humid and warm still but extremely overcast so we didn’t bother sitting outside much on this day.

We didn’t have much planned throughout the day but come night time it was time for Logan to have a night on his own with grandad and glama. Which was lovely because he got to bond with them whilst I and Jonny enjoyed our first night out together in over a year, in fact, we’ve not had one since we met pretty much!

Now I’m not really a drinker and Jonny usually loves to bully me on getting drunk on two pints of dark fruits but your girl did well. I handled a few drinks, shots and even started to finish Jonny’s drinks because he was drinking them to slow for my liking. I somehow survived until 4 am so I think I deserve a medal because I’m usually a lightweight. I also tried prosecco for the first time thanks to some random girls we met giving us a free full bottle. Does that make me classy? Because I think that’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to being a classy girl.

Logan loved them too. However, we did get put off by this one wallaby been an absolute player. It was like a scene from love island. No female wallaby was interested in the poor thing.

Also am I a bad person for cheating on McDonald’s with KFC?🤔

Sunday 24th June

As you can imagine rolling in at 4 am made us pretty tired. One of us had a hangover and that person surprisingly wasn’t me.

It did feel so strange to wake up as on our night out we saw darkness for around 20 minutes it was light when we left and light when we came back and obviously still light when we woke up so it was like nighttime didn’t exist.

Again the weather didn’t disappoint it was boiling even better than the day we had arrived, It was honestly like being on holiday, we had BBQ and alcohol ongoing and England was playing!

And what a game that was, 6-1! Never expected that result even if it was against Panama. (Sorry if you’re from Panama)

Monday 25th June

We woke up early as we had to travel to Doncaster to go see Izzy! She’s not seen Logan since he was around a month old. We couldn’t have picked a better day to meet up and go to Yorkshire Wildlife Park as the weather was clear and hitting 30c!

It was lovely to catch up and spend time together all four of us, Logan absolutely loved the animals. Izzy was hilarious by telling us a story on how she last visited they were two bamboo’s having sex, which confused me and Jonny as bamboo isn’t an animal until we clicked on and realised she meant baboons. Who funnily enough when we went to look at them most of them was at it.

It was strange seeing polar bears in this heat and finding out that they don’t always need a cold climate to survive.

After viewing the polar bears and tigers we went to get drinks and some Donuts, we then discovered a park so decided to be big kids and try it out of course!

After the park, we looked at camels, tried to find some giraffes too but they were all hiding and wasn’t in their stables which absolutely stank! We saw some rhinos and laughed at this ostrich that clearly loved the attention and the camera.

We then went through the wallaby walkabout, which had wallabies running free! I think they are so adorable. Logan loved them too. However, we did get put off by this one wallaby been an absolute player. It was like a scene from love island. No female wallaby was interested in the poor thing.

There was also a lonely tortoise who I felt sorry for, not just because he was lonely but because the poor thing trying to escape, he didn’t quite get that he got a shell on his back so wasn’t going to fit through the fence.

We finally got to the lion park which unfortunately disappointed me a lot. Every lion couldn’t seem to take the heat so well so they were all in the shade or hidden where you couldn’t see them. I absolutely love lions, but my disappointment was made up for by the scenery!

We finally made our way to the last animal of the park which was meerkats. There was one particular meerkat who knew exactly what he was doing, he loved the attention. One he had an audience he’d climb to the top of the rock and pose.

We ended the trip with a McDonald’s which unfortunately I didn’t get to enjoy as Logan really struggled in the heat. We left Izzy and made the most of the day we had left in Doncaster doing a bit of shopping.

The heat absolutely knocked us out we went to bed earlier than normal and missed love island!

Tuesday 26th June

We didn’t have much planned for our last full day in Leeds, so we decided to go swimming last minute. Quite literally as the times weren’t clear and the staff didn’t warn us they were only 30 minutes left for general swim. Which annoyed us both quite a bit as well didn’t get to enjoy swimming but we did get refunded luckily.

After swimming, we went to the pub to enjoy the weather before heading back to Jonny’s dads for the third BBQ of the week.

Jonny fell asleep early and I watched love island on my own which irritated me so much. If you watch love island you’ll know who Megan is and like most viewers, I’m a team, Laura. Megan is a huge snake and the definition of a homewrecker, in a way I feel sorry for Wes but he was also quite easily led.

Wednesday 27th June

We woke up early to get the case packed as the visit came to an end. I say pack but both me and Jonny are so unorganised, it took us two hours and we still forgot stuff to pack and ended up leaving them behind like idiots. Which seemed to carry on most of the day making it stressful. We got a taxi to Leeds centre to get our coach. Just as we were setting off I had my glasses returned as silly me forgot them, we then arrived in Leeds to Jonny accusing me of forgetting Logan when exiting the taxi. On the coach, Logan was unsettled and sick a few times. He calmed down once we got off the coach funnily enough.

We then went for a meal and met up with Stacey, which was a lovely catch up. But guess what happened when it became time to go home. That’s right we left something behind at the restaurant, that thing is a suitcase with all our stuff in and when did we realise? When we were around the corner from the house. Do we blame baby brain for this or was we just cursed on this day?

Thursday 28th June

Today’s plan was to meet up with Stacey again and go swimming.

But first thing was for me to go to the doctors, which was an absolute joke. Over half an hour late and my appointment was less than give minutes long.

Both me and Jonny were hungry after all that waiting so we went for a smoothie and bite to eat whilst waiting for Stacey.

I ordered a veg and pesto Panini which is odd for me as I usually don’t eat anything healthy but I’m now on a diet as I’ve recently found out I’m a stone overweight! I guess it’s no more burger addiction for me.

After food we went swimming which Logan really enjoyed this time around as we spent nearly two hours in the pool, he’s doing so well with his swimming now. He loves splashing about. He wasn’t too impressed about getting out the pool though and unfortunately, his poor teeth started to bother him which led to a meltdown. Poor lad. Thank god for Bonjela.

Once settled we went and wasted money acting like a tourist in our hometown and enjoyed the arcade.

All before getting ready to watch England play again.

We get to the bar where we planned to watch the game and couldn’t have asked for a better seat or TV screen for that matter. Just shame ITV let us down too many times during the game oh and England. Gutted we didn’t score any goals even if we did qualify!

After that disappointing match, we headed home just in time for love island.

Friday 29th June

Not a lot has happened today, we had the family come round, had Logan’s eyes checked and chatted about baby CPR and what to do if he chokes.

I and my mum then took Logan for a walk around the village before deciding to go up to Jonnys work as something to do and for a meal.

Food was lovely but I didn’t get chance to enjoy it properly as Logan struggled with his teeth. Silly me forgot to bring bonjela out with me so he really struggled. Now I hate him crying it upsets me seeing him get so worked up, but one thing I can’t stand is dirty looks over a baby crying. I already felt so anxious about him crying I did not need dirty looks from other people and tuts, especially from another family with a baby!

It may be a shock to some but babies cry, believe it or not!

It has annoyed me, I couldn’t imagine giving dirty looks and complaining if I saw another mum or dad struggle to settle their baby. Either give a look of support if you’re going to stare or offer help. Shame some people have to be so rude.

He’s now settled and away to sleep, hopefully, his tooth cuts through soon. as much as I dread it.

Overall, this week has been a great week it’s been great to get away, have some family time and enjoy the nice weather and take a little break from blogging and social media… Well kind of.

Il be back to doing daily blogs as normal now 🙂

sadie x

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