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Woke up late today after not been able to sleep that well with it been so warm, Logan was a little angel though and slept an hour longer than usual.

Today was family time, Logan got to see few people from Jonny’s side of the family who he hadn’t seen since he was around a month old, which was lovely.

Everyone went home and I decided to stay behind and take Logan to the baby play area at Jonny’s work. Usually there are no other babies but this time there was a little girl playing who was only a month older then Logan.

He loved seeing and playing with another baby his age and I quite enjoyed socialising with another mum , who I found out they’d travelled from Australia to be here!

They went and Logan then made friends with two older boys and a little girl ages around one, obviously he was more interested in the girl, takes just after his dad.

Eventually we had soft play on our own and to my surprise Logan can stand up without me holding him!

We set off home the longest route to make the most of the nice weather and we stopped off at the park on the way as they’ve just added baby swings.

He loved the swings I got lots of giggles out of him. He started to get tired so made our way home and got ourselves nicely settled just in time to watch love island.

Love island watchers… How do we feel abut georgia getting her heart broke and poor Dani! I love the show but I hate how they can play with their emotions like this.

sadie x

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