Who gets priority?

The big bus debate, The debate that currently trending the internet yet again. Should wheelchairs have priority over pushchairs?

My opinion is absolutely, yes they should! The spaces on buses especially in my area say for the ‘elderly and disabled’. So, therefore, a wheelchair no matter who got there first gets priority.

There’s been a few incidents for me where I’ve got on a bus and a parent with a toddler, who’s awake and can clearly walk has been in the wheelchair space refusing to move whilst I have to take my newborn upstairs. That wouldn’t have been a huge issue. But before setting off a disabled person boarded the bus and she still refused to move which I found extremely ignorant! If a disabled person ever gets on I move with no fuss and that’s how it should be. They didn’t choose to be disabled and we can easily move with a baby.

However, I do see both sides of this argument. Putting a pram down can be hard especially if it doesn’t come down in one. Plus if you have shopping, nappy bag and school stuff attached or under the pram, it makes it extra challenging, especially if you’re on your own like where exactly are you meant to put the baby if no one is around or willing to help?

Wheelchair users are nervous to see if space is free otherwise they can’t travel but the same can be for some pushchair users especially those who cant put their prams down.

In this day and age buses should be doing more for both types of passengers.

I also think if you’re a regular bus user try to find a pram that’s bus friendly, small and easy to put down.

So who do you think has priority? Are you team wheelchair or team pushchair? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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