How I feel about turning 21!

So finally its July,the best month of the year and my birthday month! This year, in 23 days, in fact, I’m turning 21!

It feels crazy saying that I honestly don’t know where the years have gone its like one minute I was 16 been a gobshite in school and college and *blink* here I am just a few weeks away from being a proper adult.

I’m so so excited to be celebrating my birthday, its the first year in ages I’m having a party. That’s all I asked for this year because I know I won’t care much about my other coming birthdays.

My birthday plan is to have a pool party in my back garden, with slip n slide with a BBQ and plenty of drinking games. What better way to celebrate my birthday in the middle if summer !!

Exciting stuff but here’s to the point in this post;

10 thoughts on turning 21

1.Shit , I’m a proper adult now

You get excited about turning 18 because you become legal for pretty much everything in the UK and class yourself as an adult but really those were the practise years. 21 is where it gets serious! I have to try to be more grown up, actually ring important people myself, do responsible stuff. Like I’m not ready for this.

2.Questioning my clothing

I’m so so bad with choosing what to wear as it is, I’m far from stylish and definitely a plain jane, unless it comes to nights out I like to think I make more of an effort but anyway like what on earth do you wear as an adult? I either dress like a 14 year old or look like I’m going on the sesh when really I’m just nipping to the shop. What’s acceptable?!


I never once cared about money until I did the stupid thing in getting a credit card at 18 and letting someone else max it out. At 21 I feel like money is so much more important. I can’t just buy random stuff carelessly anymore , I’ve got a baby and bills to pay for. Why does a piece of paper or should I say pieces of plastic basically controls your life?


It seems to be getting lesser and lesser every year. I have a small handful of friends, this used to upset me a lot and some days now I wish I had more but quality over quantity is so much more important. I have 3 friends I can rely on. I’d much rather have that any day over lots of fake friends with toxic and negative vibes. Like who even has time for that?

I need to stop worrying over people who don’t care about me and understand we all have lives and can’t constantly be there 24/7. The biggest regret I have over the years is caring about immature and bitchy people. At 21 you just to old for that nonsense.

5.Future plans

I look around and see people I went to school with are either getting engaged, getting their first home or finishing uni with top grades. Yes I have a little family,I wouldn’t change that for the world. But I come across to some people that I have no ambitions. I do have ambitions of course but it scares me that I’m now 21 not having a clue what I want to do with my future. When back at 16-18 I had my life all planned out and that made me feel stable.

6.So much pressure

Following on from future plans I feel now that I’m an adult I can’t use excuses about being young. I feel like other adults are now going to add pressure on me with ‘what career you going into?’ ‘When you getting married?’ ‘When you learning to drive?’ ‘When you buying a house?’

I don’t bloody know 🙃

This generation is so much harder then what past generations were, were in a world were we don’t need to settle down straight away and don’t get me started on prices for things like, no way is that possible for most 21 year olds these days.

7.It’s okay to wing it

I mean I’ve winged my way through everything in life so far, its not going to hurt if I carry on is it? I’ve never had my shit together and probably won’t until I’m like 30 … Hopefully.

8.Birthdays won’t matter

For me only big birthdays like my 13th, 16th and 18th mattered to me most that’s why I’m so bothered about celebrating my 21st. I know they my next birthdays will just be another day and won’t be celebrated especially now I have a baby.

9.Feel old and young at the same time

On one hand I feel like a granny wanting to stay in all the time with my slippers on, coffee in hand and watching crappy tv and go to bed at 10. On the other hand J feel dead young like a reckless 18 year old ready to go one their first night out.

10. Age is just an number

I know I’ve mentioned feeling under pressure and people have expectations on how you should be acting at a certain age but really age is just a number.

If I haven’t got my shit together so what, I shouldn’t compare myself to others and people shouldn’t follow societies expectations.

Turning 21 is exciting, bring on the adult years where Il make tonns more mistakes,experience new things and take on responsibility .

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