Bemama review

Okay, so this is my first proper review eek! 😁 I’ll only ever aim to review products I actually use and love, so my opinion will always be honest! So here goes.

Bemama have kindly gifted me their ‘Back to me’ range. Bemama if you’ve never heard of them are a company that make a great range of skincare products for mamas and mamas-to-be. Their products are available to buy from Boots and their own website. (

Available in the ‘Back to me’ range is the Ultra Intensive Flat Tummy cream, Lifting Serum Breast and Arms and lastly the Intensive Body Cream. These three products aim to help mamas out with the changes you face after pregnancy such as stretch marks, weight gain and cellulite. The main aim is to get you feeling back to yourself.

I was kindly gifted these at the right time as I struggled to find a product that I liked as well as worked to help with my stretch marks. Been gifted a cream that helps with weight loss and to tone up is a bonus!

So you’re probably wondering does it actually work?

Yes, this is the third product I’ve used for stretch marks and it’s actually made a huge difference already in such a short time. I never expected my stretch marks to completely fade and disappear forever but this cream has helped them fade so they pretty much look invisible! As for the weight loss side of things, I’ve not seen any huge changes but it took the sagginess down a hell of a lot so I guess it’s not lying it does tone you up. Obviously, it’s not a miracle cream and gives you an instant six pack (if only!).

The Ultra Intensive Flat Tummy Cream is incredibly soft to the skin. I apply it twice a day,it’s so easy to apply and doesn’t have that sticky kind of texture that most creams and serums have. It dissolves into this skin nicely leaving it lovely and smooth like a babies bottom. It also feels amazing when applying as it has this tingling warming effect. Another bonus is it doesn’t have any harsh smells, in fact, it doesn’t really have a smell it just smells fresh.

Intensive body cream exactly like the ultra intensive flat tummy cream I applies this twice a day all over! It has the same kind of texture but feels a lot thinner in consistency. Top tip would be a little bit honestly does go a long way! This cream doesn’t have any harsh smells either which in love and it’s instantly dissolving, non-greasy and leaves no horrible sticky texture on your hands.

Latest to a product I wouldn’t of even considered buying or using, the Breast and Arms Lifting Serum. The serum has the same aim to lift and tone these areas. Like the other creams its non-scented and dissolves instantly, this cream also has a tingly effect which is extremely refreshing. In all honesty, I haven’t seen any huge change but I don’t take much notice of boobs and arms. All I can say the bingo wings I gained during pregnancy have disappeared so who knows it may have actually done the trick!

I would 100% recommend getting this cream if you’re breastfeeding, It seriously helps with engorgement and sore boobies. I think once I stop breastfeeding I may notice what this cream can do to it’s full potential!

So there we have it! I’ve really enjoyed writing about these products just as much as I’m in love using them. Not only do I love the products but I love the customer service and interaction of the brand. Bemama seriously are very caring and supportive on every mamas journey during and after pregnancy, which I truly think makes the brand.

Maybe Il do another review on this on a few months and do some before and after photos!



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