Breastfeeding vs Formula

Okay, so the old and boring breastfeeding and formula debate. Recently on social media,a storm has happened to do with breastfeeding,yet again.

Chrissy Teigen had posted a photo of herself breastfeeding, its a bloody cute photo and she’s fab for being able to tandem feed. Like I honesty couldn’t imagine the struggle and the woman deserves a bit of credit!

Anyway I had a read through some of the comments and its sad to see we still have a lot of very small minded people in the world. Like okay if the human body and seeing a bit of boob offends you then cool, scroll past like a normal person and keep your thoughts to yourself.

Its honestly disgusting seeing how backwards people are with their comments. Us women have boobs for one reason only and that is to feed a child. Society and the media has sexualised our two balls of fat that we carry around. The likes of Kim K and other celebs are allowed to parade around naked and have their nips on show but god help if a woman breastfeeds, how revealing,how offensive!

Seriously, we are that removed from normality in this society and its not right. The fact that it makes people feel so insecure on their choices of motherhood is awful.

Back in a time when formula didn’t exist, breastfeeding or finding a wet nurse was the only option.

So in a way formula is miracle milk.

It’s helped so many mums who cant breastfeed and those who choose not to for personal reasons.

Just like breastfeeding mums, those who choose to use formula shouldn’t be judged either. You don’t know the reasoning behind their choice to use it and rightly so it has nothing to do with anyone.

So am I on team breast or formula? Personally neither. Breast is obviously best for many reasons and has healthy benefits for both mum and baby. But formula has many pros too like the dads and other family members getting to have more of a bond with the baby and its filled with vitamin D unlike breastfeeding.

I really don’t care how any parent chooses to feed their child, it’s up to them to decided what’s best. That’s how society should be. It’s not wrong to do either, as long as the child is fed, gaining weight, clean and happy you’re doing a great job. This debate shouldn’t have to be a debate.

What’s your thoughts on this?

#normalisebreastfeeding #fedisbest

Sadie x

9 Replies to “Breastfeeding vs Formula”

  1. What an insightful post! I think that whichever option is chosen should be respected because it is dependent on the situation of the mother and family – fed is best 🙂 Have you seen this article: ? It explores the lack of information that new mothers are given on feeding options, a pretty interesting read!

    I loved reading your post!
    x grace

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  2. I HATE HATE HATE this debate! I set out to exclusively breastfeed and at 7 weeks had to switch to formula because Leo wasn’t thriving. I’ve had people in my family tell me I’ve failed and it’s disgusting. Why can’t women just feed their baby how they want. As long as the baby is thriving why should it matter!!! Love this post so much xxx


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