Logan’s 5 Month Update

Logan turned five months this month! It didn’t feel like two minutes ago I were doing his first-month review. I can’t believe my baby is nearly half a year old already.

So what’s happened this month, honestly not a lot as previous months? He starting to slow down a little which is quite nice because I really don’t want him to grow up.

Teething wise, he’s still teething but there’s no tooth yet. His teething is definitely getting worst, not hard to deal with but just horrible when it happens. I can’t stand seeing him get so upset. I also can’t stand him using my nipples as a teether because it bloody hurts and its starting to put me off breastfeeding him when a tooth does finally cut.


I’m not actually sure exactly what the weighs or measures as I haven’t got that checked yet this month. But he should be around 15/16lb. He’s getting noticeably heavier anyway put it that way. He’s chubbing out so starting to get through more of his clothes, he’s getting to another awkward stage where he fits in 3-6 and some 6-9 it honestly just depends on the brand of clothing.


His bedtime routine is still the same, he’s still a little angel with sleeping through the night and in fact he falls asleep earlier and stays asleep till later. It’s around 9pm-7pm. On odd nights when its boiling hot like it has been recently he will wake at around 10:30-11pm to have a quick feed and he goes straight back to sleep.

However, he is so much more awake and alert during the day I think he’s down to one or two naps during the day. He’s just so nosey and needs to be involved and see everything that’s going on around him.


Breastfeeding is still going fab, apart from him starting to chew on my nipples every now and then. We’ve tried him with baby porridge but he doesn’t like it and has no interest. However, he loves to try to grab what I’m eating so soon as he turns 6 months baby led weaning will begin because he is so ready for it!


Still as cheeky and smiley as ever. He is a huge attention seeker though and is incredibly inpatient. If I’m needing to do something like wash up he’ll be fine for about five minutes and then he’ll begin fake coughing to get my attention. He also will kick off and do a fake cry if I don’t feed him quick enough.



Cuddles, this past month he’s become so much more cuddly (he’s cuddling me as I type). I don’t know if this is because he’s becoming more clingy with teething or what. Not like I’m complaining, he gives the best cuddles!

Numbers may sound odd but he must get this from his dad. If you count to Logan he smiles and finds it funny.

Facetime, I discovered today that he loves video calls. He finds them funny (me not so much because he tries to eat my phone after a while).

Toys, he loves all of his toys and jumperoo. He loves them that much he gets all excited and heavy-handed that he either breaks them or launches them at me… Actually, me writing this has made me rethink that, maybe he doesn’t like his toys and just likes trying to hurt me. First hair pulling now this. Good job he’s cute.

Dogs, If you read in my weekly blog when we went to Leeds you’ll remember that Roxy made him laugh lots. Well, Charlie, my dog is beginning to do the same. I did introduce him and how him a cat but he wasn’t as impressed as he were with dogs.

Swings! I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before in a blog but he loves swings he laughs so much when been pushed.


Baby porridge, I mean I don’t blame him it tastes so bland.


• Moving in a circle. I don’t know if this is an official milestone but its something new. He’s getting the motions in for crawling but not quite got the idea of going forward or backwards yet so instead he goes round in a huge circle.

• He’s found his feet! I’m sure he did this last month but more so now that he always grabs them, just this week he worked out they could go in his mouth.

•Talking more, Not actual words well… On one occasion which I think was a fluke, he said the word ‘yeah’ as clear as day. But he’s not said it again since so I won’t class that as his first word. Anyway, he’s able to pronounce his B’s very clearly and started doing d’s and m’s the little tease.

• Standing, hes loved this for ages but that’s with me or someone else holding him. I reckon he could have done this for a while but I finally had the guts to see if he could support his own feet whilst grabbing his surroundings. He sure can and he loves it! It’s just more of an excuse for him to be nosey.

And that is all I can remember for this month! Mn



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