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Something different for you guys! I thought I’d share my current go-to products for skincare.

Taking care of my skin is a must especially now after having a baby, I’m faced with dry and dull skin. Ergh.

So here we go!!

The first product I LOVE at the minute is this coffee body scrub by ‘Anovia‘. Something I honestly never thought I’d try but right now I have a mini coffee obsession going on and I think coffee scrubs are trending right now so I thought let’s give it ago.

First things first to say its coffee, a smell I’m not a huge fan of it smells amazing. Its smells so coconutty, if that’s even a word.

I followed the instructions on the back and rubbed a handful of the scrub all over my body focusing on areas most affected by cellulite and dry skin.

The actual coffee grains appear to be quite big but oh my god it doesn’t half feel amazing on your skin. It feels so refreshing and soft to rub in and after washing it off my skin felt so so soft and still does! And a handful of coffee is all you need to do your full body so the product lasts ages!

The only downside to this product is it’s messy, like extremely messy. I found it a nightmare to clean up afterwards but that’s okay cause my skins feels grrreat!!

Another bonus, its only £2!!

Buy here:

Next product is from The Body Shop

Now I don’t usually buy any thing from The Body Shop because lack of funds and all. I personally find the products pretty expensive compared to other brands.

Saying that I get why, because they last a long time and the quality is worth the price.

This product were bought for me at Christmas and I thought it was a normal facemask like an idiot so used it completely wrong. (In my defensive it didn’t actually tell you how to use it)

I ended up searching good old Google to to find out how to use it properly and let’s just say I found it weird.

Its a type of face mask, if its even classed as that, that you just rub in and you peel away the sticky bits where its gathered dead and dry skin.

Sounds horrible when I word it like that but its weirdly satisfying. However it leaves my face so soft and makes me glow. Did I mention it smells amazing? Because it certainly does.

Next product I’ve already done a review on recently but I’m still loving is the products gifted from Bemama. Especially the Ultra Flat Tummy cream, its help fade my stretch marks in short amount of use. Another bonus… My belly has gone down a lot! Its magic in a bottle.

Buy here:

And lastly is Simple Kind to Skin Toning Cleanser, I love Simple products. I’ve used them for years and haven’t found a better toner yet. Its cheap and affordable, kind to my skin and does the job. If im having a bad day with spots I can always rely on this to minimise them.

Buy here:

What’s your go-to skincare product?

Sadie x

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