We’ve all been there haven’t we? Well I hope so because I know I definitely have and I now cringe at the stuff I said back during pregnancy.

Back in pregnancy you have this perfect image of parenthood. You read textbooks see the perfect parent squad online and be like ‘omg yeah I’m totally not going to do that, why would anyone do that?!’

Here are ten things I said I wouldn’t do as a mum.

1. Co-Sleep

This is probably the biggest one, I said all the way through pregnancy I wouldn’t do it. All the horror stories you hear of babies been killed and hearing others say ‘oh you’ll make a rod for your own back’ (seriously what kind of silly saying is this?)

Anyway, I totally caved, Two nights it happened by accident and then I become hooked. Co-sleeping is great, if you’re currently pregnant and thinking you wont you most probably will at some point. Nothing beats a cuddle with your baby and if you’re breastfeeding… It’s less effort.

Plus it’s safe if done correctly so ignore the horror stories and the perfect parents of Facebook. I wish I did.

2. Share Photos on Social Media

Before Logan were born I had super strict rule that

1) only me and Jonny will announce the birth when were ready,no one else can share the news and

2)absolutely no photos uploaded of him on social media.

Well, that lasted long. Logan wasn’t even 24 hours old and I shared 100s of photos of him online and still over share to this day. I aren’t ashamed. He’s too cute.

To anyone that reading this that has me on Facebook. I’m sorry for been that annoying person. 🙂

3. Brag about development

Ahahaha oh what was I thinking back then.

Yes, I brag. Again not ashamed every parent does. We’re proud, its all exciting stuff and great memories to look back on. I’m just not a dick about it and make milestone achievements a competition.

I guess before being a parent hearing others brag about their kid used to irritate me because I didn’t understand the excitement but now I do.

4. Allow my child to watch TV

It took a few months for me to do this one to be honest but now it happens often. It’s the only way to get jobs done. He doesn’t sit on front of a TV all day because I don’t agree with that but for about 15-20minutes he will happily sit and watch the soaps, films, kids shows. Whilst i get my tasks done.

Tv’s are life savers. Well for now. Ask me that in a few years time when I can’t budge him from watching it.

5. Waste money on branded baby clothes ‘they don’t stay in them two minutes

England kit just short of £50… Enough said.

No, luckily for us we haven’t had to buy much for him so far as he’s been spoilt by everyone else but that’ll soon change as he’s growing out of everything now and I cant wait to go on a mad baby clothes shopping spree.

Spanish clothing that is all…it’s my weakness its too cute not to buy!!

6. I won’t wean before 6 Months

I’ve said this for a while and all way through pregnancy because of guidelines and what not. I caved and gave him a few little tastes of stuff just after he turned 4 months but we’ve started to wean him properly now. Two weeks early from recommended age going by his due date. He showed signs that he is ready and when you know you just know. We are however giving it a bit longer before starting BLW but he’s currently doing ace with a spoon.

7. I Will not buy baby food jars

Which leads us on to baby jars, I said I wouldn’t do this but honestly they’ve been perfect to get started with weaning. I tried making my own puree for Logan but oh my god… It takes far too much time and if he doesn’t like it then I do get stressed because its wasted. Baby jars are great, the smell of most of them though not so great.

8. I won’t go on a night out until he’s at least 1.

Well this was a big lie. I’ve only been on two but it was so good to let my hair down and he’s bonded with other family members. I do find it hard leaving him but the occasions I have left him has made it easier for the future for both of us.

9. I won’t talk about poo

It seems to be most common conversation me and Jonny have nearly every morning.

‘Ah he’s done a poo, come look at this it’s dead green’

‘Feel the weight of this shit!’

Yep. Enough said.

10. Won’t use baby talk

Heres me thinking id talk to Logan like an adult in a slightly higher pitch voice ahaha no. The high voice I do but everything has a nickname.

The dog is doggo, his teeth are teethies or Tutsi pegs , bottle is bott bott… Yeah you get the idea.

It’s super cringe, but it’s habit now.

I’ve taken to Facebook to see what other mums said they wouldn’t do and here are a few the comments (starting with the best one first)

Does becoming a parent count? Lol xxx

give into tantrums. I do it multiple times daily

Said I’d never be one of those mums that have to have a glass of wine 🙄 I wasn’t wrong though… coz I’m one of those mums that need a bottle 😂😂😂

Do you relate to any? Comment below. Or if you’re currently expecting have you said any of these yet?

Sadie x


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