Life Update

I don’t know where to start with this because… Well, let’s just say a hell of a lot has happened.

If you’re wondering why I stopped daily blogs this is the reason why, (I WILL start doing them again so don’t worry!)

If you’ve got me on Instagram you’ll probably gather I’ve had a few relationship issues lately, with my sassy and depressing Insta stories.

I have touched on this a bit on my feed too but here’s the full story(well kinda…)

So mine and Jonny’s relationship has become really rocky this past month, I think we’ve had so many issues thrown our way. Some of which I won’t share on here or social media but let’s just call them silly mistakes and people sticking their noses in our business.

Add on top of all this stress Jonny decided to walk out of his job because he wasn’t enjoying it anymore for numerous reasons and it was destroying our relationship. He walked out spontaneously and landed himself a better opportunity.

Talk about one door closes another one opens! 😬

However, I wasn’t happy about this new job, because it’s over 100 miles away! I couldn’t think of anything worse when your relationship is nearly dead. If we were all able to move together I may have taken the situation better but this Job means not getting to see him for quite a few weeks.

It’s taken me days to come to terms with it, well in a way I haven’t because I can’t stand the distance and time apart and with trust issues on top it’s awful. I’ve just had to compromise.

With all this happening and him moving away for a few weeks it honestly made us both learn a lot about each other. We had no clue what the both us want for our futures. (He thinks I want to be a bar manager one day… I have no clue where that has come from because I bloody hate working in hospitality. )

But negativity aside maybe this time apart will do us both some good, if he’s happier in his new job we’ll both be happier and they say that ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder‘ … I mean I don’t know about that but I’m extremely happy to have a double bed to myself so I’m able to starfish again.

Enough of relationship issues and on to updates that have happened to me and Logan recently.

First things first, I’ve had brands reach out to me who want to Collab! Something I never thought would happen. So they’ll be a few reviews going up on here soon so keep your eye out!

Following on from that I now have management, yeah I never expected that to happen either! Info on all that is on my Instagram (

Logan is also coming on so well, he’s learning something new each day he’s now sitting for longer, making new sounds and he’s crawling backwards! I say crawling its more of a shuffle.

He’s also such a dog person, he loves Charlie! And his puppet dog, it never fails too make him laugh.

So yeah I think that we’re all caught up. Next week is my birthday, finally turning 21. I’m so excited, my family have put in so much effort to organise me a party. We’ve got a pool,slip and slide and so much more which you’ll see in next weeks blog!

What’re your plans for the upcoming week?

Sadie x

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