Love Island 2018

We need to talk about Love Island, why? Because I’m so god damn obsessed it’s unhealthy. I’ve even gone to the lengths of downloading the game, which I’m addicted to.

Like I’m giving Levi more attention than my own boyfriend. Like I don’t even think that’s normal. If you know you know.

You’ll also know how god damn irritating the game is because I don’t know about anyone else but I want Jake, why won’t they let me couple up with him😬

Back on track to the actual show, I’ve been a loyal fan since the start with season two been my favourite. Nothing will beat Rykard fleeing the Island for Rachael and Kady going mental in the hideaway over Scott.

With this season my opinion on people keeps changing its ridiculous. When Hayley was still in the villa she was one of my favourites just because of the stuff she came out with, Thinking Brexit was something to do with trees. Ahh, that’ll never be forgotten, how can you not know what Brexit is when that’s all you hear on tv and see in newspapers.

I hated Megan to begin with, I just saw her as the type of girl to be a home wrecker but oh how she’s grown on me over time. She went in that villa and followed her heart to get who she wanted. It may have been the wrong way to do it but she did it and I have to say both her and Wes are bloody adorable. They look genuine. Since she’s got with him she’s gone from dressing slutty to looking like a wife. I do wish she had more of a personality though.

Another couple that has grown on me is Josh and Kas, hated how Josh treated Georgia but he is sooo much better with Kas. They’re going to make cute babies enough said there.

Like the whole nation, I LOVE Jack and Dani. Like if they don’t have a show together after leaving the villa I won’t be happy. They’re cute and so entertaining.

Alex, it seems like so many people dislike him because he’s boring. I do think he’s playing safe because of the job he’s in, I reckon he’s got so much more to his personality. Either way, he’s still marriage material.

Even though this season has had a lot of drama *cough* Georgia (Her and her ‘im loyal’ 50 times a day needs to get back in that villa). It needs more drama! Compared to season two it’s mild and a little bit set up, to be honest. It’s not seeming like honest drama that would happen in a villa with no contact to the outside world. surely they must be getting on each other’s tits at some point and going by articles on Twitter this year’s contestants all seem to either be semi-famous and already know each other.

I want to see people being super snakey and stealing their best friend in the villas partner, I want to see couples sneaking off and having sex in the cupboard or people being coupled up and sleeping with someone else just like Rykard and Olivia did behind Rachael’s back, or should I say next to her bed. Can you remember Malin and Terry? Can we have another scene like that happen, please?

My fave couple to win keeps changing because I love them all. Dani and Jack, if they’re still together after the lie detector, would be great but I wouldn’t mind seeing Meg and Wes win either!

I don’t know what it is I just strangely love this type of telly. First Dates, Take me out, Don’t’ Tell The Bride..; You get the picture. I Love anything like that! Love it that much I actually applied to be on Take Me Out a few years ago but completely bottled the audition! Probably a good job I did because I would of 100% Embarrassed myself.

Who’s your favourite this year? and which couple would you like to see win?

– Sadie x

#loveisland #imloyalbabe

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