Review: The Body Shop Satsuma Range

Well, where to start with this.

The Body Shop Satsuma range is basically the smell of summer. It’s so citrusy, if that’s even a word.

So in the package I got, Satsuma bar of soap, Shower gel, Body butter and two bottles of mist one travel size and one full sized.

Shower gel:

I can see why this shower gel is a best seller and hard to get hold of! It’s now one of my favourite shower gels to use. Plus its soap free!

You only need a little bit as it foams up well and absorbs into the skin nicely making you feel refreshed and energised. The texture isn’t sticky like cheap shower gels its soft and the smell is long lasting on the skin. Product last for a long time.

Price: £5 250ml

Body Butter

I put this on before bed to cool me down on these hot humid night. Its soft, creamy and has such a nice buttery consistency that it just melts into your skin. The smell is quite strong for a body butter, but not in a bad way. I wish it were edible because I’d eat it, it smells so good and it’s long lasting! I can still smell the zesty fragrance when I wake up.

However, the only downfall is that you have to use quite a bit for your skin to stay soft, well for me personally I do. Which means the product wouldn’t last very long for the price you pay.

Price: £15 200ml


I actually haven’t tried this yet, mainly because I’m, not a huge lover of using soap, I much prefer gels. Also, I don’t want to ruin the packaging because it looks too cute!

However, It is strongly scented. You can smell the zesty fragrance through the packaging.

Body Mist

Ah saving the best till last! I have two of these body mists one travel sized and the full version. I LOVE it. I’m not a huge fan of typical girly smells just to wear casually. So this fragrance is perfect for day to day wear. Its long lasting, energising and so refreshing. This is the fragrance I reach out for most and I’ve been using it a lot lately just to cool myself down in this heat.

Also another bonus, it’s kind to my skin. I often get rashes or spots where it sprayed with other body mists but I haven’t had any irritation what so ever with this product.

The packaging is also really durable, god knows how many times I’ve dropped the bottle, which is glass it’s not shattered on me… Yet.

It’s fairly priced and to say I spray this product a lot throughout the day, it seems to be lasting a while!

Price: £8 100ml

Overall, it is such a lovely range of products. One of the best things about these products is they’re unisex. It doesn’t smell ‘girly’ it’s just a nice fleshing smell that anyone can wear.

As I said in my July Favourites, TBS products aren’t cheap but they’re worth every penny for the quality of the products. That’s from durability of the packaging to how good the product itself smells.

The Body Shop always seem to have sales on so keep an eye out to try this range at a bargain price!

If I go to repurchase this again, I’d love to try the body polish next!

What’s your favourite product/fragrance from The Body Shop?

– Sadie x

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