Worried about Weaning!

So Logan is two weeks off from being 6 months old(in weeks)which means… TIME FOR SOLIDS.

Now I’ve been so excited for this but also dead nervous. We’ve been slowly introducing Logan to new tastes this past month by letting him have a little lick of things but I wouldn’t class that as really trying the food.

Well, this week he’s started weaning, properly. It is going so so well. I decided to wean a little bit earlier than 6 months because he was showing all the signs and kept getting excited when seeing me eat. He’s been reaching out for food too and even tried to steal some from my hands. It’s crazy how babies have there owned little way of saying they’re ready for something. Anyway because of all this going on I thought to mash up some veg and let him have a taste.

His first solid was pureed carrot and he enjoyed it, we then tried him with banana and he loved it, he loved it so much I couldn’t give it to him fast enough.


I then went and bought lots of baby food jars, in fact, I’ve bought too many! I wouldn’t mind but this is something I said I wouldn’t do before he was born. Oops. Baby jars have been so easy and it been good to see what he loves and what he isn’t too keen on.


So far his favourite pureed foods are the desserts … Typical! He obviously has a sweet tooth. For actual meals, he enjoys Ellas Kitchen carrot apples and parsnip pouch. I have to say they do taste delicious and are so easy to feed with you just squeeze however much onto a spoon. I much prefer the pouches to the baby jars. I do love the Cow and Gate pouches they taste like a smoothie !they have so many different flavours to choose from too.

After getting used to purees for past week Logan has shown every sign that he’s ready to do BLW! (baby led weaning) From the beginning, I always wanted to go down this route but I Was so so scared of him choking. So far so good he’s taken to it even better than the purees, he enjoys picking up the food himself and it’s great because he can have pretty much anything we eat!


The first finger foods I tried him with for BLW were carrot sticks, cucumber, apple slices and a banana wafer! The banana wafer seems to be his favourite at the moment.



Now that I’ve started weaning I can’t wait to get some cute little bowls. At the moment I’ve been using the Munchkin Spoon and bowl set (£4.80) I’m dying to get my hands on the Bamboo Bamboo animal bowls to do some proper meals for Logan, just because they look so cute and fun to use!

Weaning has definitely been my most favourite part of motherhood so far, I always say I don’t want my baby to grow up but there’s a sense of pride seeing him turn into such an independent clever little boy! Plus weaning is so fun, cleaning up the mess after… Not so much. But it’s worth it just to see Logan laugh and smile and react differently to all the new tastes and textures.

I’m so excited to try lots of different food with him, Spag bol is first on my list! I’ve heard that’s fun to try as a first food, its nice and messy, so I expect lots of laughter and chances to take funny photos!

What were your babies first foods? And if you’ve done BLW what would you advise to try?

Sadie x

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