Logan’s 6 Month Review!

My little baby is now half a year old! I feel like these months keep going by faster and faster. It all needs to slow down just a little, I miss having a newborn to cuddle. Now I have a pretty active and mobile baby wanting to be independent already!

I do however feel like he’s at the best baby stage, this is where all the fun begins for sure but god he’s becoming harder work.

So on with the update!:


So last week or 2 he got weighed, which he was 15lb 9oz. He’s probably around 16lb mark now I imagine especially now he’s started solids! His height I’m not too sure on I’m guessing he’ll be 70cm or so. Clothing wise he’s in 6-9m I’m desperately needing, well wanting to go on a shopping spree for new outfits for him because I haven’t done that yet, so I’m dead excited too.


His bedtime routine well let’s just say it’s changed ugh. My baby who once was a little angel who loved his sleep is now doing everything he can to fight it. It’s becoming a challenge to sleep in his cot now. I don’t know if it’s to do with a leap/growth spurt or the fact I’ve brought him into bed with me for a cuddle because he’s dad not here. He still sleeps through once settled but actually getting him to sleep now takes some effort. Plus he’s super clingy at the moment!


Well, this is a huge change this month because Logan has now started solids. I still breastfeed him and only dropped one feed a day out and slowly starting to get onto two depending on how he’s feeling. Solids, however, is going great. I started him off with a few pureed foods to get him used to different tastes and texture and as soon as he hit 26 weeks we started BLW as he showed all the signs he was ready.

Personal preference I love baby led weaning. He can eat more or less the same as us, which means less effort and Logan loves it, it suits him more because he’s super independent. I do still include purees every now and then so he gets used to using a spoon.

Here are some photos below of him trying some new tastes! Also how cute are these bowls from Bamboo Bamboo?! They make meal times so much more fun like they seriously need to bring adult versions out.


He’s getting more cheeky, He’s discovered his tongue so loves to stick it out at people with a little smug grin. He laughs when he knows he’s being mischievous or if he hurts me. He’s also becoming super clingy and extra cuddly. He gives the best cuddles and likes to stroke my face whilst smiling at me… It’s all cute until he grips that hard he scratches me or tries to poke my eyes out, which he finds hilarious.

Since I’ve started weaning I’ve noticed he’s got a terrible temper on him. If he can’t do something or if he doesn’t get what he wants straight away he’ll get frustrated and bang his arms about and cry. He can do the same when he’s playing sometimes. I’m hoping this is just a phase because let me just say he’s got a mean left hook on him! And I also really enjoy getting food flung at my head…not.


• Logan’s current favourite foods is toast and pasta!

• His favourite colour is blue.

• He LOVES dogs

• George Ezra is his fave artist still

• He loves to make lots of noise on the piano, both on his jumperoo and mine.

• Loves to see himself in the mirror

• Logan’s favourite story is ‘three little pigs’


• He can sit unaided for over two minutes now

•He’s learning to bum shuffle

•He can pull himself up on furniture to help him stand

• He can rock back and forth in crawling position but can only shuffle backwards

• Feed himself

• Pivot and roll both ways

• Responds to his name

That’s all I can remember for now! So much is happening!

I’ve also started a YouTube channel and plan to do a 6-month review on there filled with videos I’ve filmed over the months! Feel free to check it out and subscribe 😁 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Go35MHAw-mWze2h7I3bJA

Sadie x

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