Not quite the holiday I expected.

So the reason I’ve been pretty quiet on all platforms recently is that I’m currently in the middle of nowhere. The signal isn’t too cracky.

So if you read my last blog you may know that Jonny is working nearly 200 miles away from home we haven’t seen him for just over two weeks so I thought id go up a little earlier then planned to go visit him.

The train journey up wasn’t that great. The trains had next to no space for the pram or any luggage. I had 3 bags, a car seat and the pram itself to manage by myself so that was challenging. Luckily there are some nice people in the world that offered to help.

After about five hours of travelling with for the most of it a moody baby we arrived in Berwick. Now I’ve never been to Berwick before but the scenery is absolutely stunning!

The campsite Jonny works at is about a 15-20 minute drive from Berwick centre. I didn’t realise until arriving how far away it is and that it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

Pulling into the site the first thing you can see is the castle. Which I think pretty cool, gutted that you can’t actually go into the castle tower.

The first job on arriving was head off the restaurant to go see Jonny and surprise him. Both I and Logan were so excited to see him. It was way past Logan’s bedtime but he kept awake to see daddy and see his workmates before falling asleep.

We waited for Jonny to finish and headed to the van and just passed out in bed cuddling together. Something that I’ve missed very much.

The first night was a success! Logan slept through the night which I didn’t expect from being in a new environment with him.

The first day on site wasn’t too great if I’m honest. Jonny had worked all day, I spent a fortune on food at the shop and had no pass to get into the main complex so had to stay in after seeing most of the site. I got extreme cabin fever after a few hours and Logan became really unsettled so I struggled massively. If I put him down he’d just scream. I clock watched until Jonny finished work so I could have a break.

Jonny came home and took over and finally, Logan went to sleep and not long after so did we. Roll on 4 am in the morning and we were woken up by someone Jonny is having to share the caravan with… Not the best way I wanted to be woken up if I’m honest. Luckily it didn’t wake Logan.

The second day I really looked forward too as Jonny had an early finish and we got to spend most of the day together. So as soon as he finished we went exploring the campsite together which took a good few hours.

One thing I’ve noticed is this park has lots of lakes!

After exploring the park we went to play some adventure golf on the way there we came across some swings that we decided to put Logan in. It put a big smile on his face and gave us lots of laughs and giggles.

We arrived at adventure golf and Logan at this point was fast on asleep. So me and Jonny got to enjoy gold fully. We’re both extremely competitive and not to brag but I’ve finally found something I’m better at than Jonny. Unfortunately, silly me told Jonny my technique and he started playing well which made him win, which he won’t let me forget. Personally, I think he cheated seeing as though he kept having ‘practise shots’

After adventure golf, we decided to head back to the caravan to freshen up to have a meal at the Chinese buffet. On our way, we came across a lake… Shock.

At this lake, there is a nice sitting area and at the time was lots of swans with there babies. Currently, this is my favourite spot on the whole site because of it so relaxing!

Even though the day was lovely Logan became unsettled and it became an early night for us which worked out well as Jonny had a day off the next day so we had a full day to do something.

Day three.

We started the day off with breakfast in the restaurant, well brunch. Then did the boring bits like clean the van and doing some washing before heading to Berwick to do some shopping.

After spending all of an hour in Asda and seeing nothing of Berwick we headed back to camp £70 lighter. We got ready to go out and spent our time in the arcade which ended up being our lucky day. Won jackpot on two machines on first go!

I then got treated to this before watching evening entertainment.

After a great day it soon was ruined.

In fact the whole week was ruined after a toxic person making me feel very unwelcome.

Unfortunately, Jonny had to share the caravan. There wouldn’t have been no issue at all if this person was respectful and didn’t cause dramas over everything possible.

I debated coming home earlier then planned until karma took over. After a week and this person has now left… Left in a very explosive exit mind.

** Getting a face full of vodka stings like a bitch. My eyes still burn. **

Anyway, I can now enjoy my short time I have left here and feel relaxed like I’m meant too.

This week I’ve learnt that’s its definitely the people you come with that makes or breaks the holiday.


Next weeks blog will definitely be more of a positive one!

On a brighter note, here are some pretty snaps from this week.

Sadie x

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