What My Blog Has Taught Me So Far

Believe it or not I’ve been blogging for 6 months! I’m still very new to the blogging world but in this past 6 months of blogging I have learnt so so much.

Blogging isn’t easy, but it’s fun. Coming up with good content ideas is harder then some people think. There is a lot of work involved when writing a blog. From actually writing posts too creating good blog graphics. It all takes quite a big chunk of time up.

I’ve helped other new bloggers and my friends set up their own blog with how well mine took off. To them I probably sound like a pro but really I still have no clue what I’m doing and just winging my way like I do with everything.

Some days I do struggle especially when I have very low motivation and low amount of views and interaction. I decided to step back and look at the mistakes I made. Because let’s be honest we all have bad blogging weeks and not every post will be to everyone’s taste.

So heres some things I’ve learnt so far;

1. Tags are so important !

Tagging is the main thing that gets my blogs noticed, through searching tags I’ve discovered great blogs. So one my main aims is to research trending tags that are relevant to my content and blog post. I’ve noticed that using between 11-15 tags will generally make your blog post do well.

2.Share every post on social media

I only ever shared my blogs on Instagram to begin with and then had the guts to share to my friends on Facebook. For the first three months that went down well but eventually views started to drop. So I decided to join Pinterest and Twitter. Now Pinterest is a whole new world, if I’m honest I find it pretty complicated and just decided to stick to pinning pretty pictures of tattoos and cute animals instead of sharing my blog on there. Maybe one day il understand it but right now it gives me a headache.

Twitter however, thats a whole different story. It’s a paradise for bloggers. My views have shot up so so much since joining twitter. The blogging community on there are so supportive, its lovely.

If you’re a small blogger or just starting out get on twitter!

3.Blog Graphics

Personal preference but I think blog graphics make a blog look organised and more ‘professional’. I do generally judge how someone’s blog looks within the first few seconds of visiting their page over their content. If it looks neat and pretty Il stay looking on there page and because i think like this i think others may think the same. So sometimes i will take longer to make nice blog graphics then actually writing the blog post.

** My favourite editing app for Blog graphics is Canva, it’s free available on all platforms and so easy to use! **

4. Focus on yourself

This is so so important. You can quickly lose motivation if you don’t focus on yourself. Never compare your blog to anyone else no matter how similar it is. It’s YOUR blog and you make it unique in your own way. Blogs will grow at there own rates and as long as its growing you’re doing well.

Plus anyone else blog that similar niche thats doing ‘better’ will make you want to work hard to gain the same success.

5. Time management and organisation

As a blogger writing posts and creating graphics and flat lays etc can take up a lot of time. You also need to be organised to think of post ideas and decided how many you’ll post a week ,when and at what time.

But sometimes life gets in the way and makes me feel that blogging can take up all my free time. This is one thing I’ve made a big mistake on. In the beginning I believed that posting every day will get me lots of views, it did for a short while but its challenging especially committing to daily blogs and get them uploaded bang on 8pm every night. Having a baby who sometimes isn’t settled or a date night planned soon messes up them posts that was planned. It did begin to get me stressed, so I took some time out and realised my blog was still doing well even if i missed a few days of posting.

Since realising that getting posts up has been a lot less overwhelming. After all I don’t blog full time, this isn’t my job and its just a hobby.

6. Interact

When I first started this blog I wouldn’t really comment on anyone elses blog. But after discovering a few blogs and gaining support from my followers I decided to give some support back and leave comments, that soon got me more follows and also a few blogging friends, who will happily give advice on how to improve. Engagement is what makes a blog and it’s just as important on social media platforms. After all word of mouth gets you noticed, so if you’re just starting out blogging, get liking and commenting other blogs especially ones of the same niche. The blogging community is so supportive.

And lastly have fun.

That’s what I originally started my blog for, it’s a hobby I enjoy it and I’ll look back on the posts one day. :)

What tips would you give to a new blogger?

Sadie x

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