Only Wanted To Go To The Beach…

So this Tuesday Jonny finally had a day off, it felt like I’d been waiting forever to get some proper family time after an explosive week.

The plan was to go to the beach, which I didn’t even know Haggerston had. I know that Berwick is by the sea but the campsite its self just seems to be located in the middle of nowhere with nothing but trees nearby.

We set off at around midday after having breakfast and headed towards the shortcut we got told about, which was situated behind our caravan. Usually, shortcuts are meant to make your journey quicker and easier but my god it was anything but easy. The terrain was shocking, the ground was boggy and uneven which wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have a pram to push. We hadn’t even left camp yet and got stuck around ten times in some sort of pothole.

I also just want to add that I dressed in a skirt and some trainers, probably not my best wardrobe choice for this kind of Trek.

After struggling the first little bit the way we came across a golf course that we had to cut through to eventually come across a pathway near some train tracks that we eventually had to cross to get on the road to the beach.

Well, that’s what we thought, after crossing the train tracks we came across this huge pathway that seems to go on for miles and miles. That pathway was also filled with around 2000 puddles too and not small puddles, puddles that took over the whole width of the path. The pram may as well have turned into a boat at this point because everything became soaked and my only decent pair of trainers are now ruined.

As a typical woman I complained the whole way until there were no more puddles but then the next issue happened. Google maps said we had arrived once we hit a private road.

I mean… Does this look like a beach to you? I couldn’t even see the sea. Google maps lied to us. So we had to re-route and decided to follow the public footpath and hope for the best. Bearing in mind Jonny had been told that the beach is around a 10-minute walk away from camp, we’d been walking for half an hour.

On with the journey, we still couldn’t see any beach, just lots of fields and signs warning not to pick up metal as it was old military training grounds. In which Jonny asked ‘what does metallic mean?’ … I do question his intelligence sometimes.

Eventually, we luckily bumped into a group of hikers that showed us where the beach was. Finally. It only took us just over an hour and a half to get there!

The beach stretched for miles and miles, we could see Holy Island in the distance and as for the sea that was way-way out I couldn’t even see it. This beach was oddly covered in quicksand so we didn’t go too far out. I say oddly because the beaches where I live don’t have this issue.

This was Logans first time on the beach. It should have happened a lot sooner as we live by the sea but oh well! He enjoyed himself, sitting in the sand and making a mess!

We wrote our names in the sand and took lots of cute snaps before rushing off to leave as we got attacked my lots of mini spiders. The pram was completely covered by spiders and god knows what other small bugs. Jonny also had a huge orange spider with long legs just chilling on his back, obviously, as the most supportive girlfriend I just ran away and told him to shake it off.

Honestly wasn’t a fan of this beach at all and prefer my beaches back at home.

After leaving the beach we decided not to go back the way we came but carry on following to footpath and trusting google maps to take us to the nearest cash point in hope to get some food and some cash to get a bus home.

On the way, we got stopped by sheep. They wouldn’t move out the way of the path so Jonny decided to do a James Corden on them. Surprisingly it worked! They ran off.

After walking for around 2 hours we came to a small area called Beal. This place was meant to have the nearest cash point but guess what? Google maps lied to us again and showed a cash point in the middle of this house next to train tracks. Wasn’t a total waste of time as the scenery on the way was worth it but by this point, we had walked just over 6 miles, I needed food and a long nap!

So because we came across the main road we decided to follow it and to our luck, we finally came across a petrol station. Luckily the petrol station had an ATM but it didn’t have any cash available so we thought we’d get cash back at the till which to our luck they couldn’t do. So we left and took a short walk down the road and came across a posh restaurant (Lindisfarne Inn) that did do cash back!

So we went inside and enjoyed something quick to eat. We ordered garlic bread and chips to share, pint for Jonny and hot chocolate for myself. It was so nice after walking 8 miles to just sit down and chill out.

We found out at this point there were no more buses running and a taxi was going to cost £15 to go 2 miles up the road. So we set off again for what we thought was going to be a very long walk only took us just over half an hour to arrive on site!

Once we arrived on site we sat down on a bench near a water feature which Logan was memorised by. So We decided to get him out and put him next to it which made him get all excited and laugh.

After a long fit of giggles, we headed back to the caravan to chill out and watch a few films whilst Jonny cooked up a nice carbonara.

Even though the beach wasn’t quite a 10-minute walk away but in fact 2 1/2 hours it was well worth walking just over 10 miles in the end. Just to spend time as a family and see Logan laugh lots.

Northumberland is a beautiful area but I probably wouldn’t visit this part again, as me and Jonny discovered theres nothing to do nearby and its full of fields. We were considering moving here but now we’ve explored some of it we’re thinking otherwise.

Sadie x

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