A Letter To Logan

Dear Logan,

I’m writing this as I watch you sleep, its one of my favourite things to do just seeing you looking so peaceful and content.

This past six months with you have been absolutely magical, you’ve gone from this little stranger who didn’t know who we were, to this cheeky little chap who gets excited to see me and daddy soon as you wake up.

I feel like we won the jackpot with you, everyone warned us how hard bringing up a baby would be and you have been no hassle, you’re such an easy and laid back baby(sometimes). You’re so easy to please, you’re an absolute dream. You eat, sleep and you’re always full of smiles unless you’re tired of course.

These past 6 months have flown by so fast and God haven’t you changed, you’re not my light little 6lb baby no more but a very cute and chunky 16/17lb! You’re getting so heavy to carry around I’m surprised I haven’t got muscle yet from all the lifting you up high into the sky, just so you can be super baby or fly away to the moon in your rocket when doing zoom zoom.

You’re developing so fast, seeing you hit milestones makes me so proud especially this month you’ve amazed me by crawling and lifting yourself up to stand out the blue!

You’ve been such a nosey baby since birth, that’s what the nurses knew you for in-hospital you could never stay latched on because the world around you was so interesting and to this day your still the same, I love seeing you discover the world and taking it all in.

You’re a typical lad, just like your daddy. You’ve already taken an interest in girls and I’m not one bit surprised, after all, you are going to be a little heartbreaker.

You love animals, especially dogs! You love watching Charlies every move and getting to stroke her, well kind of you pull on her fur. You sometimes think she’s hilarious. I’d love to think Charlie loves you just as much, she may run away from you right now but when you’re older you two are going to have the best adventures and cause so much mischief together. Oh and we can’t forget Roxy, you don’t see her as much but she was the first dog to make you laugh and you love her.

About finding things hilarious you find the littlest and the strangest things ever so funny, like me walking down the stairs or zipping your jacket up. You got the sweetest yet contagious laugh, your smile and laugh are enough to brighten up anyone’s day.

You’re into everything and love to keep me on my toes, your definitely more behaved for daddy (unless he says no to you for trying to steal his beer!). Now your crawling you love to crawl to everything that’s either dangerous or anything other than your toys! Plastic bottles and shoes seem to be your favourite things to play with at the moment as well as mummy’s phone which you’ve sent numerous of close up photos of your face and tried to video call people. Leaving my phone in dribble and snot on where you’ve tried to chew it. You seem to always manage to grab it if I leave you for two seconds!

You look a double of your dad still but you’ve got my eyes and seriously starting to develop my attitude too, you little stress ball. If you can’t do something or have something you will throw such a big paddy. Even if it stresses mummy out most of the time I can’t help but laugh because you pull the same faces as me and some the stuff you get stressed over is so funny. Today you cried because you couldn’t go through a wall and you didn’t understand and it just took me back to the hospital when your dad tried to call you Casper. You’ll understand that reference more when you’re older because I’ll get you to watch the film.

About getting older can you stop growing so fast? Mummy gets sick of people telling her ‘enjoy it while you can because it goes too fast, he’ll be an adult before you know it’ because she knows how true it is. It’s like I’ve blinked and you’re no longer a newborn! I’m loving every second of watching you grow but I’d wish it would all slow down a little bit, on the other hand, I can’t wait for the future. You’ve got so many firsts to come as well as many more milestones to achieve.

I can’t wait for your first Football match, your first Halloween and Christmas! Especially Christmas which is a first for mummy because I’m a total Scrooge but now you’re here I can’t wait to make every Christmas so magical for you, and getting to enjoy watching your face light up as you see the presents Santa left for you.

I’m already planning it all in my head for you along with your first birthday which for now seems so long away but you’re 2 weeks from being 7 months old so it’ll soon creep up on us, especially with how fast this 6 month has gone by.

No matter how much I complain sometimes when you wake me up early in the morning because I’m tired, YOU are the best thing to come into my life. Small things like our morning cuddles are ever so special and something I will always treasure in my heart because one day you’ll become too old for cuddles. You just fill my heart with so much joy and love that I just can’t put into words. I know for sure you give the rest of the family and even strangers so much happiness when they see you and I hope you stay like that forever.

Here’s to watching you grow into a handsome, kind and happy little chap!

I love you more then you’ll ever know,

From Mama.

15 Replies to “A Letter To Logan”

  1. So sweet!! I have written a few letters to my oldest. I have posted two of them on my blog. One was when I was pregnant with him and the other one was before he started pre-k. this year. I would love for you to check them out. I’m going to follow you on here. I found you on the Blogging for New Bloggers Facebook Group! I hope you had a great weekend. Your little boy is SO cute!


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