Logan’s 7 Month Update

It’s that time of the month again! Time for Logans 7 month update and god look how big he has become.

A lot has changed since the last update so here’s what has happened this month.


We haven’t had Logan weighed and measured for a long while and not due to see the family nurse for a few weeks so we have no clue on his exact weight and height, however, he’s definitely become longer! His weight is estimated to be around 17/18lb but I’ll be able to update once we see the family nurse. I have to say my arms become dead much faster so he’s for sure chunking out a lot faster so it feels. Oh and he’s gone up one level on his bouncer and no longer fits into anything smaller than 6m.


well well well, this is one of the things that have changed a lot this month. I’m not sure if its due to a growth spurt, teething or being in a new environment as we stayed in Berwick for a few weeks. I mean it could have been a mixture of everything. his routine of 10-10 has now change 8-8. He doesn’t sleep through every single night especially when we were away, he would wake up multiple times crying because he was either 1)Hungry or 2)Rolled on his belly and didn’t understand why.

Since being back home to normality his routine hasn’t been too bad, he does wake up between 7 and 8 am which I’m certainly not used too! especially when all he wants to do is play.

His daytime naps are everywhere at the moment, he will fall asleep between 1-2pm and if he fancies it he will sleep again at 5-6pm, but he usually fights this nap.


Weaning is going so well at the moment! his dropped two boobie feeds and has meals instead unless we’re out of course and take nothing with us. Choosing to do BLW has been such a good choice its so easy. He’s not partially fussy he seems to enjoy everything I’ve given him so far. His favourite food is bread, well any kind of carb really haha and his choccy biscuits!

He loves his food, he loves it that much that whilst in Berwick we were out for a meal and the waiter had leaned over the table to give Jonny his burger, out of nowhere Logans hand just grabbed the burger and destroyed it. He’s also started to do the puppy eyes when you eat something without him because he’s got so used to eating the same things with us.

Along with how well feeding has gone, we’ve introduced water in a sippy cup. We love the Munchkin 360 cup as he’s sussed it out and finds it much easier to use compared to the free-flowing cups. I’ve got him into a good habit and avoided using baby juice, he loves his water and I hope to keep it that way because that’s something I struggled with growing up and only just learned to love it.


His personality has really started to develop this past month. Of course, he’s still cheeky and smiley. He’s been up to plenty of mischiefs by doing and exploring places he shouldn’t be and even though he’s 7 months old he’s learning to know what the word no means and when I say it or see him where he shouldn’t be, he’ll give me the most innocent look but then a cheeky smile knowing he’s being a tad naughty.

But whilst we were away he met all types of people, he made friends with kids a few years older then him getting him to play with a ball or crawl. In fact, a boy aged around 4 came up and got him to play with a little ball which Logan loved. He really focused on this young boy and copied him when he crawled and that how he learned how to go forward as for the past month he’s been crawling backward’s. He also met up with a little boy a similar age to him called Ralph, he greeted him with lots of smiles and held his hand, which was beyond adorable! Poor little Ralph became unsettled and Logan gave him the look of ‘It’s okay mate I know how it feels’ and held his hand and tried to stroke his face but because Logan is heavy-handed it looked more of a slap.


  • Starting with the first one that we discovered a day before turning 7 months.. he’s cut his first tooth!
  • He’s crawling
  • Learning to stand on his own from crawling position
  • Learning to walk when we hold his hands
  • Becoming more vocal and clearer with his sounds (He’s said woof and Hiya like once or twice and not said both words since)
  • Can hold a cup
  • Starting to recognize people more and responds to words



  • Still loves dogs, he loves them that much the word ‘woof’ is funny.
  • He loves food, especially carbs and chocolate
  • His favourite toy is his jumper
  • His favourite teddy is Nelly
  • He loves watching racing or anything car related on TV
  • He loves trying to steal daddy’s beers… ( Sticking him in front of a crate of beer made me achieve cleaning up with no interruptions as it kept him quiet for 30 minutes)
  • Crawling to things he’s not allowed
  • Playing with plastic bottles
  • Stealing mummy’s phone to take selfies and video call people, whilst covering the phone in dribble and snot.
  • Standing
  • Bouncing
  • Baby Shark song ( If you don’t know this song, Do you live under a rock?! but seriously I warn you now… don’t search it.)


  • Not getting his own way
  • Daddy’s smelly farts
  • Blueberries

And that’s all I can think of for this month’s update! I hope I haven’t missed anything out, so much has changed this month with his development I just can’t keep up!!

– Sadie x

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