Reviews | Skinny Coffee Made Me Skinny … Kind Of

Skinny Coffee, most of you have probably heard of or seen it advertised all over Facebook and Instagram.

It’s a coffee that helps with weight loss within a week of use! Without exercise. Sounds fab right? If only dieting was THAT easy.

Well it is.

I was kindly gifted by Skinny Coffee themselves to try it out and let’s just say I was so excited. I’ve seen this product advertised since forever and ggod knows how many celebs have tried it out so I’ve been dying to get my hands on it. I’ve also had no time to do any exercise what so ever and it came about a time where I was really really down about my weight. So just drinking a cup of coffee sounded like a dream.

I received my package within 2 days. The coffee is so strong! Like I could smell it right through the packaging.

The packing is also super cute to say its basic. I’m not just saying this because it’s gifted my opinions are very honest. I’d have to say for the price it’s retailed at I’d be pretty damn annoyed at the size, because I personally find the product small for £24.

Moving on let’s get into how my first impressions were.

So on day one I followed the instructions on the back, boiled the kettle and put one level teaspoon of the coffee into the cup. I found the coffee to look like soil personally but it smelt so good!

This coffee recommends you don’t use milk or sugar but if you fancy milk to use coconut or almond milk. I decided not to use milk if I’m going to do it properly.

To my surprise, the coffee is actually really nice. I’m not a huge coffee fan and usually have to have it pretty milky if I do drink it so for me this coffee was a winner so far.

For the first week, this coffee in a mug malarkey is easy. Like who said dieting was hard…

And then mid into the second week, I began to come out of routine and forget to drink it every morning… I also decided to try it with some almond milk… I wouldn’t bother I spat it straight back out. This coffee is nice on its own. Surprisingly to say I may have skipped a few days it still worked. My bloating, which I suffer a lot with had come down so so much and I generally felt more energised!

By the end of the packet which I have to say didn’t manage to get me to 28 days (a tad annoying)I did notice a difference and my body seems to have stayed skinny, I do however still suffer from bloating so will have to order more to tackle that.

But here’s my results below! (I don’t use scales as I find them extremely unreliable, photos and measurements are my preferred method!)

I’ve lost just over 4 inches around my waist!! 😁 I still have lots more to lose mind but a loss is a loss isn’t it? 💁

Overall, I loved this coffee it did the job and it tastes so good! You can get different flavours, I got the mocha one. It’s pretty sweet so you don’t even need to add sugar if you’re tempted to break the rules on the plan.

I would say that the packaging needs to be slightly bigger with more product to actually last the full 28 days. I’d personally lower the price if I were to buy this, I know they do lots of sales and discounts on this regular but £20+ for a small packet of coffee seems a bit stingy in my eyes but then again I’m a massive cheapskate!

Links below if you’d love to try it out & Use discount code: SADIEANDLOGAN20

And a big thank you to Skinny Coffee for letting me try this out! 🙂

Sadie x

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