What On Earth Is this Hinched Madness?!

The internet has been a bit strange lately. We’ve all gone a bit cleaning mad. Now I’ve become a full-on adult I can quite happily watch people on YouTube have a cleaning spree*cough* Louise Pentland *cough* … And it gets me all excited and happy.

Well, there’s a new girl on the block and everyone’s obsession with her has made me feel less weird that cleaning products make me happy.

This woman is an absolute genius to the cleaning world. If you have no idea what I’m on about, a lovely women on Instagram made to show off her home along with some super cleaning tips. Her Instagram handle is ‘MrsHinchHome_’

Her following has grown rather quickly, that quickly, in fact, she has an army that goes by ‘HinchArmy’. Her tips are so basic and rather cheap and she shares a number of bargain cleaning hauls daily!

This has got so many people hooked, including my mum who doesn’t have a bloody clue what Instagram is! Everyone’s going out and buying these products that she’s suggested and its making shops sell out.

I’m turning into one of those people… I want my own cleaning cupboard filled with magic products to tackle everything. She makes cleaning FUN. Who’d have thought it?

When I first heard of her I saw her mention Zoflora and she had me hooked from that moment on because who doesn’t love Zoflora?! It’s cheap as chips and smells amazing and has like 10000 uses. I instantly trust this woman’s advice.

So far my favourite tips of hers are:

  • Get an empty plastic spray bottle and fill it with fabric softener and water. You got yourself a cheap fabric freshener! (Can do the exact same with Zoflora)
  • Pour a cap full of zoflora in the sink, along with boiling water. Add cleaning cloths and sponges and tumble dryer sheets into the solution and leave overnight. Leaves your house smelling fresh, your clothes and sponges smelling clean and the Tumblr dry sheets are to be used in your wardrobe and draws to freshen them up.
  • Carpet cleaner sprayed into creases of curtains to freshen them up.
  • Kitchen towel soaked in Zoflora and chuck it in the bottom of the bin before you put a liner in. (Love this one! Especially for the nappy bin. It’s stopped smelly the room out)
  • To clean the washer, stick baking soda in the powder draw and a capful of white vinegar in the drum. (This tip has hooked my mum!)

So are you apart of the #hincharmy?

What’s your fave cleaning tip?

Sadie x

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