Recipe | Baby Oat Bars

These little porridge oat bars are so easy and quick to make and are super adaptable so you can get creative with them. They’re great for introducing new flavours into breakfast time when BLW or introducing first finger foods.

  1. After measuring ingredients pour oats into a bowl, add in mashed up fruit of your choice (I used raspberries and strawberries) and pour in the milk and a dash of vanilla (optional).
  2. Mix the oats until a mushy texture.
  3. Press the oats into a small microwavable flat-bottomed dish. Use the back of the spoon to press the oats down.
  4. Cook in the microwave for two minutes (or longer depending on your microwave)
  5. Remove from microwave and cut into fingers and leave to cool.

** You can use formula or breast milk for these but texture may differ **

Depending on your babies age these oat bars can become more exciting as they get older by adding different spices and fruits.

Logan loves these bars with his breakfast or just in there own for a snack! 😋

Sadie x

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