Is It Okay To Mum Shame?

They say it takes a village to bring up a child so why is mum shaming a thing?

These days there is far too much mum shaming going on especially on Facebook, specifically mum groups **hence why I hate been added to them!**

Did mum shaming happen before social media was about? I imagine it was kept hush-hush in the playground but thanks to social media people are more open to saying there opinions. Opinions which can be very hurtful.

I feel like we all in some way or other experience mum shaming, well parent shaming because dads experience this kind of hate too. We all parent differently and that’s okay, parenthood is no competition and it definitely doesn’t come with a manual.

Is it actually possible to post a lovely photo on social media without someone picking out something that is wrong with it? For instance, kissing your child on the lips. Victoria Beckham and many other celebrities received a massive backlash from doing this? But why? There’s nothing wrong with kissing your baby on the lips if you choose to do so.

Or for instance mums groups, such a lovely idea to connect mums together for advice and meeting up…or is it?

If you ask for advice on a parenting group, you’ve got to prepare for all the negativity that comes with it. Because perfect Patricia and her perfect parent brigade will be out to get you.

Like parenting isn’t hard enough for the some of us it’s really not needed. It’s a huge learning curve, asking for advice should be okay and FTM or not every child is different so why on earth should we all parent the same?

I admit that some things I see on social media or out and about that I don’t agree with I may eye roll but I’d never go out of my way to put another mum down. If someone looks unsure or is asking for advice, give it to them but don’t shame them.

Because as my pal Thumper said ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’

Clearly, some people didn’t get taught that growing up. Personally, don’t see what shaming achieves anyway other than making someone else feel low.

As some of you know I did a poll on Instagram and a lot of you got involved, I’m so happy to see such a positive response to see that you all disagreed with mum shaming! In my eyes it’s a form of bullying and bullying isn’t okay.

So before saying your opinion online, because we all do it. Think before you type.

So have you ever been shamed on your parenting choices and style? Online or in person, if so how did you handle it?

Sadie x

15 Replies to “Is It Okay To Mum Shame?”

  1. First, each of one is going to have critics, no matter how perfect we are. After all, perceived perfection can be criticized. However, the best part about it all is that as consumers, we can choose 1) not to participate in any shaming activities and 2) to turn away from the people and posts that engage in it. Personally, I feel that if someone is too critical of something that I am doing it generally means they have massive insecurities of their own ( which helps me not take it too seriously). Thanks for bringing up a timely topic.

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    1. A little bit harsh, there’s no right way to parent and first-time mums especially get things wrong from time to time. Even if there is a lot of info out there on pretty much everything a lot of it is very contradicting.

      Unless they’re putting their child in danger there’s no need for mum shaming. It’s disgusting behaviour and what on earth is it teaching are children? 🤔

      Thank you for sharing your opinion anyway.:)


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