What Logan Ate This Week

So we’re starting with a new weekly blog post that will hopefully help out with anyone who has clueless days on what to have for dinner or parents starting out on BLW.

Just want to get started with saying how well Logans BLW journey is going. We started him on solids as soon as he turned 6 months old.

He’s now a month into being on solids as well as breast milk and it is going so well, we’ve only found one meal so far that he dislikes and that is curry! His current favourites is anything that involves carbs! he loves his toast and pastry!

I’ll be honest that in the beginning when I first started him on solids I was so scared of him choking, every time he did a cough or gagged it would send my heart racing. I became more confident when learning the difference between gagging and choking and if choking was to happen I now know how to handle it. I recommend anyone who is thinking of doing BLW to learn basic baby first aid.

I have to say compared to purees which I’ve only tried to make the once, it’s so much easier. It’s less time consuming and he can just eat exactly what we’re having! It makes him independent and teaches him new motor skills so that’s a bonus.

His first food to try was carrots and cucumber and then I slowly introduced other veggies and carbs one at a time to see what he likes and how would handle it. Now he’s on a mixture of all sorts and he just grabs what he fancies. Super easy, until it comes to cleaning up after him of course that bits never easy!

So on with the blog, this is what Logan has eaten this week:)

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On Monday we were out most of the day so didn’t actually cook anything for both breakfast and dinner, so he just had a mixture of whatever we handed him.

Which was, bread, burger, chicken and fish. All of which he loved.


Tuesday, we were a bit more organised so for breakfast we made Logan some toast bites, homemade berries oat bars, strawberries and greek yoghurt.

For dinner we went out for a picnic, so he ate some corn beef sandwiches, rice cakes and some blueberry wafers.


For breakfast, Logan had toast bites, greek yoghurt and strawberry jam and some oranges. He loved the oranges!

For dinner, we had quite a messy meal which Logan really enjoyed. He manages to eat the bolognese itself but he ended up getting the spaghetti everywhere. He also teased the dog with some spaghetti which was hilarious.


For breakfast, he had his favourite, which is banana pancakes! With Greek yoghurt and strawberry jam and some banana.

We skipped on dinner on this day as Logan was off his food with him teething.


All Logan had was rusks and toast as he was unsettled with his teeth.


He felt much better and enjoyed some toast bites and some yoghurt for breakfast.

For dinner, he ate chicken and some veg. Surprisingly this went down so well not a lot ended up on the floor for the dog and he was crying for more once he finished.


Today for breakfast he ate beans with toast and some greek yoghurt for after. I say for after he ended up dipping his toast in the yoghurt which makes me feel sick but Logan seems to enjoy it.

Tonight has just enjoyed a bowl full of greens. Which was highly entertaining to watch as he couldn’t pick up peas that great.

This week been a bit unorganised but the next coming weeks we will have more creative dishes!

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Did you choose to or thinking of BLW What’re’s your babies favourite food?

– Sadie x

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