Tods and Tech: Technology Is Destroying Childhood.

When I was younger I remember having a proper childhood, you know the ones where you’d actually go outside and play? Yeah, that seems to be dying out now that our children are now in the digital age.

I had my first gaming console at the age of 5, bought by my eldest brother. It was a PS1 (god I miss the days of playing Spyro and Crash Bandicoot) but that was strictly limited to about an hour or two a night.

Then more technology came about, flip phones with Bluetooth, which were amazing to us all a few years ago. Now we have smartphones that do everything. Throughout the years we’ve become more and more reliant on technology… Well I know I have.

Do we really want this for our little humans?

As you may gather by now I love a good debate so I held a poll on both Twitter and Instagram to see what you all think on children under the age of ten owning and using technology.

The result showed that 70% of you disagreed!

Like any debate I can see both the good and the bad for children and tods using technology.

The bad:

  • If the use of technology is abused at such a young age it takes away their childhood. I believe that kids need to explore the world and get mucky whilst burning off loads of energy. Not sitting inside playing games or Youtube videos of other kids playing for hours on end before bedtime.
  • Studies have shown that becoming reliant on technology at such a young age increases anxiety and other mental health issues.
  • Lack of social skills.
  • Limits use of the imagination.
  • Cause many children to be inactive.
  • Electronic devices mess up sleeping patterns.
  • Technology is addictive!

The good

  • Gives a new way to learn which studies have shown children have are able to learn better on electronic devices.
  • Plenty of devices have educational apps, giving them many opportunities to better their skills and learn new things necessarily wouldn’t be able to learn in school.
  • Increase language skills
  • Learning is more enjoyable and its all at their fingertips.
  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • Gives children chance to increase their hand-eye coordination

I want Logan to have a proper childhood where he’s outside getting mucky, learning about the world in person and not by screen. I want him to make friends in real life and not over some messaging app online… But as much as I hate the thought of Logan owning a phone or tablet at such a young age I can also see the benefits too.

The future is digital and I think we need to grow with it,it’s amazing how many young kids know every aspect of how to use a phone or tablet without being shown what to do! The apps, especially the amount of educational ones are fantastic.

And I hate to say it, but I’m sure many busy parents can relate to this but…

It keeps them quiet. We can get stuff done.

I think the right balance is fine.

However I am on the fence about this whole debate. I’m in no rush to buy him a tablet or anything similar but I don’t think I’d say no if someone bought him one either.

So what’s your opinion? Do you agree with children under 10 using technology?

Sadie x

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