What is BLW? – Our Journey So Far

As soon as I heard about Baby Led Weaning I knew that was the route I wanted to to try Logan with when it came to solids and thankfully he took to it straight away.

Baby Led Weaning isn’t a new trend but its definitely becoming more known.

So, if you’re clueless and think ‘what on earth is this’ here’s what BLW is;

It’s a way of introducing solids to your baby which involves completely skipping out purees. You start with finger foods from the get-go.

Now there’s nothing wrong with starting off with purees or doing both, I sometimes do a mixture for Logan. What works for some baby’s may not work for others.

The pro’s and con’s


  • Less time consuming
  • Introduces different textures from the start
  • Baby less likely to be fussy with food
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Learn about food and how to chew
  • It’s natural
  • You can eat as a family
  • Makes eating out at restaurants easier
  • Appetite control
  • Better long-term health
  • It’s cheaper


  • The mess

Weaning is expected to be messy but letting your child feed themselves usually means food goes everywhere and very little manages to reach their mouth.

  • The worry of choking and others not understanding

Because many people haven’t heard of this or chosen not to do this for reasons like choking it causes worry. The choking risks are the exact same as puree fed babies. In fact studies show that babies that are BLW don’t gag by 8 months of age as they’re used to textures.

With Logan the first food we introduced to him was carrots. I Chose to do the 5-step method where you start of with single fruit and veg and then introduce variety. So after a few weeks of trying new tastes which went down really well we started to introduce two different fruits and veg and then went on to introduce carbs and meats and now we’re actually introducing proper meals to him. Which we’ve had no issues with so far, Logan loves his food!

His favourite foods so far is definitely anything that is a carb, he loves bread. On its own, as a sandwich or toast with whatever toppings you can think of. He’s not fussy. He also loves his banana pancakes and anything with mince in for tea time.

For snacks and food on the go when out and about I love to give him either ‘Ellas Kitchen puffs’ or ‘Kiddylicious wafers ‘

Obviously, a lot of food gets wasted so never expect a baby to clear the plate if you choose to baby led wean. Logan loves to grab his food, inspect it, pass it from each hand, lick it, inspect it some more and then just goes for it. Sometimes if he enjoys what he’s eating too much he’ll normally shove lots in his mouth making him gag and spit most of it all back out. Or if he’s distracted by the dog he will tease her before dropping food on the floor for her.

To say he’s only just over a month into weaning he is doing amazing with his food, from when he first started most of it did end up on the floor or smothered all over him and god knows what else surrounding him. For the past week, very little has hit the floor and he’s managed to finish his meals with little mess.

I’m still breastfeeding, I’ve cut down two feeds a day, some days he wants boobie more than food but now he’s slowly starting to prefer food over boob. As long as he gets his feed before bed he’s a happy chap.

I’ll admit when I first started BLW I was so scared of him choking, I think its only natural to think ‘omg a baby with no teeth how will they manage that’ or always triple checking food size to see if it was a choking hazard. Like mentioned above the risk of choking is the same as purees, babies have tough gums and can chew pretty damn well.

To make me more confident I did learn how to do basic baby first aid and how to deal with choking if it ever occurred. I feel so silly looking back when I first started because gagging and choking are so different.

The saying goes ‘Loud and red let them go ahead, silent and blue they need help from you’

Which brings me to the next thing… Logan hardly gags now compared to when we first started.

I have no clue on how much weight he’s put on since weaning but he’s defiantly clubbing out more noticeably now compared to just being on boob.

What’s your babies favourite meal?

Sadie x

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