Our Adventure In Turkey!

If you’ve wondered where I’ve been for the past two weeks, we’ve just arrived back from our first family holiday abroad!

We spent 10 days in the lovely resort of Antalya, Turkey!

Our holiday went off to a great start when arriving at Manchester airport, Logan was loving all the attention and Jonny had a huge fangirl moment as all the Man City squad arrived in the airport to fly out to Germany. He was very lucky to meet and have a photo with John Stones. I’ll admit I had no idea who he was, but for him to take the time to have a very quick chat and even say hi to Logan was lovely.

I was so nervous about checking in and flying with Logan because I didn’t know how he would react. I didn’t need too be because the airport was so easy. Check in was quick and the plane journey was a breeze, Logan slept the whole way!

We landed in Antalya and like every adventure we have something that always seems to go wrong!

So, we landed an hour late which we didn’t mind so much because what’s an hour?! The bags took about 40 minutes to come out which annoyed everyone in the airport, to make matters worst the lines for the transfers were HUGE!

The biggest issue was that we had no bloody clue which booth we needed, so we asked someone and we were led to what we hoped was the right one. Luckily it was, we received our transfer number and went around the car park looking for it.

We kept being pointed in different directions to the point where we walked around the whole thing twice and still our transfer wasn’t in sight. So we went back to the booth to ask and he walked down to the car park dead cocky thinking we must be blind, for him then to realize himself the transfer wasn’t there.

Then, very unprofessionally all the transfer taxis started arguing on who was going to take us, so we began to get pretty annoyed and panicky. Luckily two German families came out their van to complain as they’d been waiting over an hour with kids and said it’s disgusting to leave us with a young baby, and that got us moving to our hotel which wasn’t even that far away in the end!

On pulling up to the hotel after the disaster our jaws dropped as the driver said this was our hotel. The lights from the theme park were beautiful and the building looked gorgeous. We couldn’t believe it was only a four-star hotel when we arrived.

We arrived to the room at 4 am so went straight to sleep one our excitement settled.

We woke up a few hours later and decided to stay in the hotel to find our feet and see what activities they had to offer.

First day was great, the animation staff seemed a laugh, there was plenty of activities to do which one the animators tried to get everyone involved in. Jonny, of course, did all of them.

Our opinions soon changed after the second day, when no entertainment was on and we realised that the entertainment side of things was very repetitive. This was also our first family holiday and found it quite overwhelming on how pushy they wanted to babysit Logan so we could have a night out.

Stupidly, we said yes after lots of persuasions but that plan soon changed when the babysitter couldn’t handle Logan crying and the amount people that told us how bad and unsafe the nightclub was.

After that, we decided this hotel wasn’t for us and started to find more and more faults with it every day. One night we had a naked woman crying in our room because her boyfriend locked her out, there was no security in the hotel to sort things out.

So with the negative stuff out the way, let’s begin with the positives of this whole holiday. The one thing that made this holiday one to remember was the area and the people we met and spent lots of time with at the hotel.

Our first trip out was to the bazaar few meters down the road which we went a little bit crazy with buying clothes! After we finished off in the market we walked down further and came across a shop to book our excursions. With Logan being so young there wasn’t a lot to choose from but we came across one that had so many things to do in one day and the areas looked absolutely stunning.

After that was sorted we decided to take a walk to the theme park behind our hotel called ‘The Land Of Legends’. Now the view from our room looked amazing but actually walking into the park was something else. We both instantly fell in love.

A guy approached us dressed as a Gondolier and offered us a canal boat ride free of charge, of course, we said yes!

It lasted around 30 minutes and shown us a good chunk of the park. He told us about the restaurant where you can dine in style with sharks and the hotel on site which is 7-star!

He took some gorgeous photos of us with the castle and Cinderella and her horses in the background.

After the canal trip we tipped the guy 50 lira which he was extremely grateful for. We then found a lovely Irish pub called ‘The Legends pub’

We ordered two Legendary burgers and two cocktails. This was first time Jonny had a cosmopolitan so he felt super classy, I say he looks more camp than anything.

As for my cocktail, I had a Tiki Pina Colada. Honestly one of the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted.

Whilst eating I made a little friend, I don’t know what it is about Turkey but there’s cats EVERYWHERE. All super friendly and well luck after though so I didn’t mind the company. Logan, of course, got lots of attention by the staff.

We headed back to the hotel and got dressed for dinner before having an early night for a long day ahead the next day.

We woke up nice and early before sunrise to get ourselves ready for a long day trip to Antalya City. Our tour guide picked us up at 8 am and made his way to the first stop which were the waterfalls.

On the way he made lots of effort to make it fun for Logan and kindly gifted him a evil eye, which is known for being lucky and a old Turkish Tradition for keeping bad spirits away.

We also learnt a lot about Turkeys history and why blue eyes are so loved in the country!

We finally arrived at the waterfalls which felt like a long time, the views were incredible and felt absolutely magical.

We also had a photo opportunity in front of the waterfall whilst holding parrots. Both parrots were friendly and very talented, they gave Logan a high five and a kiss.

After walking around the waterfalls and taking lots of photos, we headed back towards our coach. On the way, we saw a small kebab shop and decided to try some proper Turkish kebab and it tasted so good!

We headed to the next destination in Antalya city which was the boat trip ride, we got to see another waterfall and the lovely scenery that Antalya had to offer.

After the boat trip we had a meal at a proper Turkish kebab restaurant, it was lovely but both Jonny and I agreed that we prefer the Donor meat we get at home.

We had some free time after our meal so we went around Antalya Bazaar and tried our luck at haggling.

After shopping, we came across a water feature and let Logan lose to cool down and have some fun on this trip. Out of nowhere this little girl aged around two came and give Logan a big hug and a kiss.

So Logan’s had his first kiss at the age of 8 months! Cutest thing ever😩

Everyone soon met up again to go back to the coach to visit the last part of the trip which was to ‘Túnektepe Teleferik’ mountains.

I dreaded this part of the trip as I really don’t do well with heights so going up just under 2000 feet in the cable cars was absolutely petrifying. But once getting my feet safely on top of the mountain, that fear soon vanished. The view was beautiful.

This part of the trip also shocked us most as we weren’t expecting a park! So we made the most of it for Logan.

An hour after taking in the view we headed back down in the cable car which I found much easier this time and braved looking down. We waited for everyone back at the coach which felt like forever as some crazy people thought it’d be a good idea to open the cable car doors whilst going up!

I’m so glad I wasn’t sharing a cable car with them for sure!

Finally, once everyone made it safely on the coach we all headed back to our hotels. The day had knocked us out that much we had an early night.

Next day was spent getting to know more families and making use of the small water park on site. Logan met another Logan who was older and tried to copy off him.

He also went down his first water slide which gave me an absolute heart attack as he went underwater. Sometimes I forget how resilient babies can be.

On the night we made plans with two other families to go to the theme park together, which we was super excited for!

The day of visiting Land of Legends arrived and by far this was the best part of the holiday, unfortunately, Logan couldn’t really go on much but he enjoyed it all the same.

I’m a massive fan of Rollercoasters so I enjoyed having some child-free time and reliving my childhood screaming away on all the rides.

After 5ish everyone decided to leave but me and Jonny decided to stay and make the most of it before it closed. We took it in turns to go on all the rides again and even went up in a hot air balloon, something I never thought we’d get to experience. Especially with Logan.

After this amazing day we didn’t really do much apart from spend time at the hotel and smash everyone multiple times at playing killer.

We did visit the private beach, which your probably reading this thinking were so lucky to have a theme park and beach on our door step… But the beach was a bus ride away. Not quite what we expected.

We did avoid the beach all week as so many people said it was awful and dirty, however, we wish we ignored what people had said and visited more then once as it was actually very pretty! The food was way better then the hotel and we got to do water sports!

It was Jonny’s first time on a jet ski and amazingly I had a lot of trust in him and his driving, which I can’t say anything about because when it came to my turn, I couldn’t control the jet ski at all! I have to say I had a huge adrenaline rush after and Jonny thought he was James Bond! 🙄

We then went on the mable, which I think we all underestimated. Let put it in short… NEVER AGAIN.

I nearly got knocked out twice and sea water doesn’t half sting and taste vile. You’d think I would know this by now after living by the sea all my life.

After the beach, we got dressed up ready for our photo shoot. Logan, of course, loved been in front of the camera and thought it would be a good time to show off and try stand unaided, which he did for few seconds before panicking and doing a headstand!

The photos were so hard to choose but we love the few we picked.

Our last night soon came along and we spent it at our favourite place, The Land Of Legends.

This place never disappoints and always looks so nice! It’s honestly is so much like Disney Land, just without the characters.

I love the fact that every culture and country has been added to the park in some form!

After having some food, we sat and waited for the water fountain display to start which was incredible.

Our last day came along and we spent the day in Kadriye old town, which we made the most of getting last minute clothes and spending Turkish Lira we had left.

I wish we had visited this bazaar sooner as it did work out the cheapest out all the ones we visited.

Jonny decided to get his hair cut as he said the whole holiday he would love a proper Turkish haircut. He paid 30 lira just expecting a basic cut and got the full works! A face mask, ear burning, massage, wash and dry and eyebrow threading! 30 lira is £4! You can’t even get a haircut that cheap in the UK😳

After shopping and the hairdressers we slowly made our way back to the hotel ready to get our transfers. Of course we had to visit The Land Of Legends again one last time!

I know for sure if we visit this area again we will stay at this hotel!

Time came to leave the hotel, which seemed like a huge mess about again with transfers. Then even more of a mess about at the airport with Thomas Cook as they tried to say we didn’t pay for our extra case.

I don’t know if it’s just Antalya airport but there so many security checks, the first two was fine but the one just before boarding the plane was ridiculous, very surprised that we weren’t delayed by an hour!

As much as things went wrong on this holiday the experience and memories were amazing. Logan has developed so much on this holiday as he’s socialised with other babies and kids, he’s also been so lucky to experience things not many 8-month-olds will ever experience. I’ve conquered my fear of heights and Jonny has experienced a few firsts and fallen in love with a country he never wanted to visit.

The families we meet out there made a huge impact on this holiday and we hope to meet them all again in the future!

– If you made it to the end of this blog what has been your best holiday?

– Sadie x

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