Reviews: Bath times with Good Bubble

Bath time is possibly Logans favourite time of the day. Who doesn’t love a good splish splash with lots of bubbles!

Over the months I’ve stuck to the same brand at bath time and decided it’s time to try a few new brands! One of them being ‘Good Bubble’ who kindly gifted me some bubble bath to try.

The product we received was ‘Super Bubbly bubble bath with Dragonfruit extract’

Sounds so good and trust me it smells it too!

Good Bubble is a British Company who truly care about skin care and using ‘greener’ products. There’s no harsh chemicals and its kind for sensitive and eczema prone skin. Did I mention that this brand is also vegan-friendly?

So, upon receiving the product I have to say I love the packaging (so did Logan as he laughed at the bottle!) The bottle is colourful and has a little dragon character on the front! (Soo cute).

Now, I’ll be honest I hardly ever read what’s on the back of the bottles but I love to see what companies put on directions. Good Bubble didn’t go with a boring approach but a rather fun way as well as instructions that are clear to follow.

“Scoop a handful of bubbles and apply to chin for an instant bubble beard”

That honestly made me laugh, more then it should of but come on who doesn’t love a good bubble beard!

As soon a you pop the lid open you can smell the dragonfruit! It’s strong but not overwhelming.

The only downside to this product is I had to put quite a bit in to create some bubbles! BUT we can’t complain as it has so many good factors.

I loved using this product on Logan! The fact it has a no tears formula, so many unique smells to choose from, no nasties, vegan-friendly and reasonably priced Did I mention its created by mums? Even better.

I’d 100% use these products again, have you tried Good Bubble yet?

To purchase use one of the links below!

(Also feel free to ask me for a discount code 😁)

sadie x

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