Baby Names I Love But Won’t Be Using Vol.2

I’ve been pretty quiet on here and Instagram lately, I’m so so sorry but I’m trying to get back on track soon… hopefully.

Health Wise I’m just so drained and lacking a bit of motivation along with the Z’s.

I’d rather put full effort into a post then half arse something, so starting off the blog posts is one that was highly voted for on Instagram.

I know a lot of you are expecting so maybe this post will help you out if you’re stuck on names! I have done this blog post before so if you’d like to read my first one here’s the link!

Now on with the blog…

Girls Names:

Amelia – I love this name, I think it’s just so pretty. I’m guessing most of society agree as it’s one of the top baby names nearly every year! Hence why I won’t ever use it.

Esmeralda – It’s unique if used the long way, I love how you can shorten it to ‘Esme’. But the name Esme is just over popular which puts me off, I also think Esmeralda is a hard name to pair with middle names and some last names. Bit of a mouth full isn’t to really. Still a lovely name though.

Matilda – I loved this name when pregnant with Logan, even considered using it as it was on the shortlist of names me and Jonny agreed on. However since then, I’ve really gone off it, I still think it’s lovely but not for my own children. How cute is the nickname Tilly though?

Sailor – This won’t be to many people’s taste, but I love it. It is a little out there but it’s just got a lovely ring to it. Jonny on the other hand not a fan so I won’t ever use this name.

Vienna – Loved the name but it for some reason reminds me of Viennese whirls and it just put me off ever using it.

Brooke – Apparently its more of a boys name, but I love it for either sex. It’s just so common and I’m not a huge fan over the girls names I have picked out if I ever have one. Boy name, however, is a possibility but Jonny isn’t a fan.

Athena – I love Greek names, but I can’t stand it been shortened to Thea which I’ve seen recently and is often mistaken for Anthea too which I really don’t like so it’s put me off. Jonny also doesn’t approve as he doesn’t like Greek names at all.

Lylah – I think this name is really cute! But I hate people mistaking it for Delilah, which is also a lovely name but I just personally wouldn’t use it.

Boys Names:

Oscar – Both me and Jonny know a few people that have little boys called Oscar so personally, I won’t ever use this name. I also now prefer it for a pet.

Ralph – I Love Ralph, I thinks it’s adorable but Jonny seems to hate names that link with brands, unfortunately.

Rory – Love it, but will never call my baby Rory as it just makes me think of Rory the Tiger. I mean he’s a cool Tiger and definitely made up most of my childhood but I just couldn’t, especially now I’m not a huge fan of Haven anymore.

Tommy – Pretty obvious reasons it’s too similar to Logan’s middle name.

WoodyThis is a huge maybe and a running joke between me and Jonny at the moment. I actually love the name Woody it so unique and not going to lie, I bloody love Toy Story! However ‘Woody Woodhead’ is one those names people will treat like Marmite, they’ll either love it or hate it. I can see a lot kids and adults potentially bullying them for this name.

Teddy – Really cute name that I’ve loved for years, it’s suits them so much whilst their small but soon as they grow to be an adult and apply for jobs they can be taken more seriously as ‘Ted’ for short. However, I won’t be using this name because it’s become so popular over the years and if you haven’t already guessed Jonny isn’t a fan.

Lochlan – Really really loved this name for ages, I loved the sound of ‘Logan and Lochlan’ together. I also love that you can shorten it to Loki which is cute. However, Emmerdale has ruined this name for me and Jonny thinks it sounds like someone is trying to cough something up.

Paddington – Paddington was on our potential list for boys names as it can be shortened to ‘Paddyand Paddington bear is just adorable. The name isn’t too common either which I like. But I am worried that it’s one those names that too uncommon where its a bit… Bizzare. Maybe it should stick to being a cute be ears name.

What names do you love but won’t ever use? Are any of your favourite names on the list?

I’d love to hear from you so feel free to comment below and if you haven’t already click the follow button to be notified when I post! 🙂

Sadie x

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