Logan’s 9 Month Update!

My boy is now 9 months old and what a great 9 months its been with Logan in our lives.

It is mad how fast this year has gone by in three months I’ll have a 1 year old, how crazy is that?!


So finally he’s been weighed which was around 2/3 week ago now! He’s 17lb meaning he has dropped a little from following the line in his red book but not drastically, he’s more mobile so it’s expected for him to lose weight and not gain as fast as previous months.

Height we have no clue on at the moment as he doesn’t get that checked for another 2 weeks, but I can tell he’s grown! He’s fitting into 9/12 and some 12m stuff depending on brand. He’s quite a long baby and predicted to be around 5’11 when has an adult. Which is taller than me and his dad 🙈


What’s one of them? Routine is pretty much none existent. Thanks to the 8-month sleep regression he can be a little unpredictable on when he wants to go to sleep, its been challenging because I’m used to a good baby who would sleep at the same time every day! He also thinks its play time at around 8-10pm depending on his mood.

But for past few days I can’t complain too much, he’s falling asleep at around 6/7pm and waking only once in the night, which is really good to say he’s slowly becoming less reliant on boob to go to sleep!

As for naps that’s another thing that’s hit and miss at the moment some days, he will drop off dead random at around 2 pm then other days he will skip it and God, don’t I know about it when he’s missed a nap! Grumpy Logan isn’t cute and in fact very stressful, especially when you get kicked and scratched to death.


Logan is still an absolute angel with his food, he loves it! He’s for sure eating a lot more now. Compared to last months update he is eating a lot more healthier, some of his favourite meals are chilli con carne, mac and cheese, cottage pie and Bolognese.

However, I’m not a fan of Bolognese, he may love eating it but he loves covering himself in the stuff too especially now he’s worked out how to take the suction bowls off! Nightmare.

He has got himself into a habit where he will kick off if we eat without him even if it’s just a snack. If he smells food, he will drop everything, crawl as fast as he can and climb up to have a nosy and cheekily reach out to get whatever any of us may be eating. If we say no he will scream and growl.

Suits the name Logan right? 🙄


  • Starting with the most recent one, he can clap! And he will clap at the right time if you sing ‘if you’re happy and you know it’ to him. Which I think is adorable!
  • Pulling things out of boxes and then putting them back **sometimes**
  • Even more mobile! He is so fast at crawling now and oh my God he’s climbing up onto everything and getting himself into everything. He’s officially banned from learning to walk because seriously… Crawling is enough!!
  • A huge milestone for us both is we went to a playgroup and Logan enjoyed messy play and making a new friend the same age as him called Max!
  • He’s much more vocal, he’s can say ‘mama’ ‘dada’ ‘Yeah’ starting to say ‘nana’ and has occasionally said ‘Charlie’ but will only say cha or chargee most of the time. The next word I’m teaching him is Keith, which yes is a hard name so I don’t expect him to pick this up for a while but he now tries saying ‘gie’ instead of K😂
  • Don’t want jinx myself but for past two/three nights Logan has fallen asleep without using boob for comfort!
  • Not a proper milestone but more of a ‘first’ Logan has enjoyed his first bonfire and firework display. He fell asleep two minutes before the fireworks started and then woke up after 5 minutes and stayed awake to watch thinking it was brilliant!
  • He’s also been trick or treating! We dressed him up as Pennywise, which I’m proud of as i made the costume myself… I’m terrible at sewing.🙈

Not going to do likes and dislikes this month as they’re still the same! I can for sure admit that he is becoming hard work now his mobile and developing his personality.

He’s not even one yet and already answering me back in baby babble. Pray for me when he is older.

I wouldn’t change it for the world though as he brings so much joy to each day, I love how he’s growing into a cheeky and intelligent little boy. Nothing beats watching him take the world in and learning new things.

Going by the last picture I want to know your funny stories on how you left your child/ren for two seconds and came back to hell😂

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