Welcome to Blogmas 2018!

Pinch punch start of the month! Like seriously how is it the last month of the year already?

What a year it has been! Having my first baby and watching him grow, starting this blog and seeing it blossom with some fantastic opportunities and a lovely loyal audience! (which I never expected to happen!) Oh… And to go out with a bang we have our first home and some other big news to be mentioned later on in the month….But for now, I have to keep you all waiting just a little longer! *sorry*

So, What better way to start the daily blogs up again with Blogmas! It’s going to be strange getting into a blogging routine again but I’m so excited, especially to the run-up to Christmas. Blogmas and vlogmas are like my favourite time of year (surprisingly to say I wasn’t a huge Christmas fan!) so I’m so excited to be a part of it this year.

If you’re currently sat wondering what the hell blogmas is, well it’s just a fancy name for ‘Christmas related blogs’. If Christmas wasn’t stressful enough with the hectic run around to get gifts last minute, tackling the wrapping and struggling to decorate the tree (if you’re a short arse like me!), bloggers and vloggers love to add the extra pressure and release new content every single day until Christmas. Kind of like an advent calendar really but no chocolate involved *sorry!* I may have coupons coming your way soon… That’s as exciting as chocolate, right?

So, set your alarm for 8 pm for the next 24 days, Light a candle, make some hot choc and get comfy! Blogmas is here and Sadie is back from hibernating for the past month!🙋

I’m so ready for the season to begin, are you?

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