Blogmas Day 2 – Gift Ideas On A Budget

So as we all know Christmas can be a pretty expensive time of year!

But in reality, it really shouldn’t be, Christmas isn’t about expensive gifts and who has the most presents. It’s 100% become more commercialised over the years, which kind of takes the fun away from the original meaning of Christmas.

For me personally, Christmas is about spending time with family and enjoying giving and receiving gifts that you’ve carefully thought about because after all it really is the thought that counts.

So, why get into debt when you can do Christmas on a budget! Here’s a list of gifts under £10 (and free! Because who doesn’t enjoy getting creative)

1. Selfie lense

If you know someone who loves to take a good selfie then a selfie lense is a perfect gift for under £10… As they’re only retailed at a £1! Poundland.


A lot of people use calendars to keep themselves organised. The pretty obvious one that you can find as cheap as a £1!

My personal favourite is anything that’s personalised. You can get personalised calendars for under £10 from most online retailers! Super quick and easy.

Or if you own a printer and have time to spare, there are many free graphics websites which you can create calendars yourself and print straight off.

3. Personalised photo frame

If you look on sites Etsy and eBay you’ll see that this kind of frames can cost a pretty penny. However they do look lovely, but it’s super easy to make yourself. All it’ll cost is a frame and some supplies on whatever you decide to create!

Pinterest is the best place for ideas and tutorials.

Cost range from £2-10.

4. Homemade bath products

These can be things like, sugar scrubs, soaps, bath bomb, milk bath… You get the idea. It’s fun to do and cheap to make if you already don’t own the supplies.

Here are a few links.


5. Homemade cookies

I mean who doesn’t love cookies! there are two ideas for this one.

You can either make them yourself and store the cookies in a cute jar or a fabric bag.


Put the ingredients into a jar!

6. Tablet/Phone holders
I love this idea, it’s super useful for anyone that loves watching videos but don’t want to hold their device for a long time.

I personally love this tablet holder! Which is retailed at £9.99

But there are cheaper alternatives, especially for phones which can be found in Poundland!

7. Pegboard

Forget, cinema lights its all about pegboards! They look good in anyone’s home, they’re ace for organising, cute for leaving messages and to be honest most people who want one and own one, use it for the gram.

Most retailers sell them at £10+ but you can 100% find them cheaper on eBay and Amazon.

8. Candles

Everyone loves a good candle! Nearly everywhere sells them and you can buy decent ones for under £10!

Heads up that Aldi is the best for candles and fragrances this year.

9. Name a star

These kind of gifts are becoming more popular and I think it’s a pretty sweet idea for loved ones or anyone into astronomy!

Usual price £8

10. Hamper

I think hampers are the best gift when you’re so unsure what to buy someone. Getting a hamper set is cheap as £3. You can fill it with food, pamper products whatever you decide. They’re such a thoughtful present and look so pretty!

There we have it! I hope my list has helped any of you that are struggling for ideas, if it be for family or a secret Santa gift! I’ll be back tomorrow at 8 pm with another blogmas post!

To end this post, I’d love to know what Christmas traditions you have in your family?

– Sadie x

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