Blogmas Day 4 – Christmas Traditions I Hope To Start As A Family

Every family has different traditions at Christmas. My earliest childhood memories would be to receive brand new PJ’s to open on Christmas Eve along with a new film to watch and some hot choc. I’d pick out a snack for Santa, the biggest carrot I could find for the reindeers and of course some milk! I’d be in bed before 10 pm and leave my stocking at the end of the bed waiting for Santa to fill it with goodies!

This is defiantly a tradition I’d love to keep going with my children.

Some other ideas I’ve come across that’d I’d like to start is an advent calendar that isn’t chocolate, whilst Logan is young I’d love to stick to the book advent. He loves being read to and I’d love to keep this going for as long as possible.

I’d also love to bring in the idea of the reverse advent calendar where you place an item in the hole for 25 days and then take down to your food bank or local charities. To me, this is what Christmas is about. It’s all about giving and I love a good clear out every year so things may as well go to people in need of them. I want to teach my kids that being selfless goes a long way pretty early on.

Moving on from advent calendars I love the thought of how technology is used to make Santa seem more real *shush, I know of course he is real!*

I remember when one the first Santa trackers came out, I would sit and watch nervously most of the day to see what country he was visiting. The graphics weren’t too good back then and this is when dial-up internet was a thing. ( My God who remembers that awful sound!? And how slow the connection was! ) but now with apps and many websites showing Santas location and even a webcam on where he is I’d love to introduce that to my children to keep the magic real as long as possible.

On the run up to Christmas I want to do the standard visiting Santa at his grotto, visit a Christmas fair or market and of course do lots of Christmassy arts and crafts. Making reindeer food, homemade baubles and lots of baking.

As for Christmas day, I want everyone to open presents at the same time, stick some Christmas songs and films on during the day whilst Christmas dinner is cooking and once all our bellies are full it’s time to bring the games out! Monopoly is a must no matter how stressful it gets. Christmas time is family time.

Just thinking of all these traditions I want to carry on from my childhood and introduce new ones makes me so excited for this years Christmas. The last few years I’ve been a total Scrooge, I’d hate the sound of Christmas songs and think the whole run up to the day was overrated and a massive pain in the arse, but this year my Christmas spirit has come back.

Kids 100% make Christmas magical.

I’d love to know what traditions you remember from your childhood, have you carried them on?

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