Blogmas Day 5 – Stocking Fillers For Babies

I don’t know what it is but there is just something so magical about hanging up your stocking by the fire or on your bed ready for Santa to come and fill with lovely goodies!

From my blog post yesterday you may remember I want to stick to this tradition with my family.

I feel like having a stocking is standard for all families they look cosy and cute and you can fill them with such cheap but thoughtful and useful gifts for any age.

The youngest members of the family always seem to be the hardest to buy for because usually ‘they don’t do much’ but getting stocking fillers for babies under age of one is super easy!

If you’re clueless on what to get read on! (I’ve included some links too!)

1. Sensory toys

Sensory toys are brilliant for any age range really but are suitable for babies to learn different texture and movement etc.

They’re all different price range the cheapest I’ve seen for a set is eBay but my favourite sensory toy is 100% the lamaze sensory teddies.


Can never have too many teddies right? Super cheap, cute and great for comforting a baby.


A child can never have too many books to read, you can get small sets to fit nicely into a stocking at such a cheap price!

The peter rabbit and Disney set are so cheap! Links below.

Peter Rabbit



So many teethers to choose from! You can go cheap and get them from most pound shops or you can spend the few extra pounds and get top rated products like ‘Sophie la giraffe’

Personal fave which I’m yet to try but love the idea of is the Gummee Glove!

Sophie la giraffe

Gummee products

5. Bath Toys

Babies and bath time mix pretty well, bath toys are super fun and also super cheap. Again this is something you can get from pound shops.

6. Bubbles

You can buy a full pack of bubbles for a £1! Bubbles are fun for all ages and also great for sensory play.

7. Booties and socks

Can buys these from anywhere and all babies need socks and booties to keep them warm.

Mothercare have a huge sale on at the moment especially in store if your local one is closing down.

8. Stacking cubes

I personally love wooden toys and stacking cubes are a good all-rounder. They can come in super cute designs and are useful for learning letters and numbers as they grow as well as proving on motor skills.

Cheapest I’ve seen these blocks has to be studio and I love how you can personalise them too.

9. Activity Cubes

So many designs to choose from and can be found in most shops.

Cheapest place online is Mothercare, but Poundland have Christmas activity cubes you can attach to your pram!

10. Snacks

If you’re still clueless or think the baby has too many toys, baby snacks are always a good shout (if they’re old enough of course)


I hope my post helped you out and gave you ideas.

Are Christmas stockings apart of your family tradition? If so what are your favourite stocking filler gifts?

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