Blogmas Day 9 – Top Bloggers This Blogmas


I thought I’d do something a little different today and talk about other bloggers. Something I enjoy most about blogging is discovering new people, which thanks to Blogmas, I have discovered loads! I’ve found so many blogs that I’ve never heard of or would have never considered reading as it’s not the same niche as me.

So before this introduction gets ridiculously long let’s get on with the post!

First up is the lovely Bailey, this is a blogger I’ve followed for a while now thanks to discovering her on Twitter. She’s incredibly dedicated to her blog and puts so much time and effort into it and also bringing other bloggers together, which I find lovely.

I think Bailey is pretty well known within the blogging community, all her posts are suitable for everyone of all niches especially her Blogmas posts. There’s a pretty good variety on the blog and what I love most is how well designed and organised her blog is.

Check out her blog below:

Lauren from ‘The Emerald Dove’ is a new find this week and I’m so glad that I found her blog. Her content is completely mixed so there’s something for everyone, I also like how her blog feed isn’t completely Christmassy.

Again like Bailey I love how Laurens blog is set up. I think this is an important factor when blogging, if it’s a neat layout and easy to use I’m more likely to stay and be a loyal reader…anyone else like that?

She’s also just been nominated for the UK blog award which is well deserved! (You should all 100% give her a vote!)

Check out why below:

Another new blog find is Stephen from ‘YuleTimes’. What I love about this blog mainly is it’s something different, I love following other mums and their journey through parenthood but there’s not many Dads that share their experiences. So it’s kind of refreshing to read. I love Stephens writing style and every single Blogmas post he has done so far, especially ‘Childhood memories’ and
‘Questions with Lorna’

Also, like to say well done to break the stereotype that all dads are ‘deadbeats’ fatherhood is 24/7! 💁

Stephens blog below:

Anna from Stralthy is someone I have followed for a while now. I love the variety of her blogs, she has great skincare tips and a brilliant soup recipe that she’s just recently shared!

Not only do I love her blogs, but I love how down to earth she is. Again this is someone else I see regularly on Twitter engaging with other bloggers in the community and helping out beginners, which is so lovely. When you first start blogging its a huge learning curve, it can be so hard to understand how everything works. Support really does go a long way!

Check out Anna blog below:

Another great blogger who I’ve followed pretty much since I started blogging! Ruth is again, another person who most of the blogging community on Twitter should know!

She’s so helpful with her tips on how to improve your blog and her posts are always positive!

I’m really enjoying her blogmas posts at the moment, they’re incredibly helpful, especially if you’re stumped on what to buy! Ruth has you sorted.

Check out her blog below;

A new blogger I’ve found recently is Chlo! I’m loving her Christmas blogs they’ve all been pretty helpful if you’re struggling with gifts or where to visit this season Chlo is your girl!

I’ve also been reading through her past blogs and have found this is a blogger I now read daily! I love her writing style and how varied her content.

Check out her blog below:

Life of Emma is someone I’ve followed for a short while now and this is someone I go to straight away if I want to read a Christmassy blog! I’m loving her posts recently, all the photos she’s posted is getting me so excited to visit my first Christmas market!

Again this is another blogger what suits everyone’s taste as she’s very varied with her content! Which if you haven’t gathered by this blog yet, I love a bit of variety 🙈

Blog below:

And my last nomination for favourite bloggers this blogmas goes to ‘The Ordinary Blogger’. I’ve only come across this blog today but I’ve been reading their posts all morning!

I’ve enjoyed them especially ‘unpopular opinions’

I can see this being someone I read daily as again the content is varied and I love their writing style!

Check out their blog below!

All of these people are my current favourite bloggers this month! I can’t believe how many new bloggers I’ve discovered in the past week or so. Hopefully, I’ll find more before blogmas is over! I hope this blog helped you to find other bloggers you may be interested in.

Are you taking part in blogmas this year? If so drop your link below😁

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