Logan’s 10-Month Update

We’re now in double digits which only means one thing… Logan’s first birthday is fast approaching! Scary stuff.

This is what’s been going on this month;


He’s not long been measured and weighed as he had his development checks around 2 weeks ago!

Weight is dropping but that’s expected as he’s super active, his height, however, has shocked me! To say my baby was born a small 6lb 8oz on the 8th percentile he’s now on the 98th! He’s 80cm long! Like how the hell did this happen? Whoever told me boys grow fast you weren’t kidding. I’m amazed, both Jonny and I aren’t exactly tall. One day he’s going to tower over the both of us.

He’s also fitting in most 12-18m stuff now as he’s too long for 9-12m clothing.


I admit it’s still all over the place, especially at night but I am seeing a little bit of progress!

6am – Wake up & breastfeed
10 am – Breakfast
11 am – Playtime
12 pm – short nap
1pm – lunch
3pm – Nap
4pm – Snack
5pm – Dinner
6 pm – Bathtime (if bath night)

7pm – playtime

8pm – sleep….sometimes

Occasionally he’ll fall asleep at 8 and wake at 10 or he will try to stay awake until 10 and sleep until 3 am but that’s very hit and miss at the moment.


We are still doing baby led weaning and we’re still breastfeeding! Both are going great. Logan is a great eater, even with things he’s not overly keen on he still has a good go at it. I’m so happy that he’s not a fussy eater,I hope this sticks.

He still kicks off if you eat without him, even if he’s not hungry. If you’re eating, doesn’t matter who it is, Logan will stop what he’s doing, crawl over and grab for whatever you’re eating if you say no he will have a huge paddy. The kid loves his food.


  • He now has 4 teeth!
  • He’s super confident with using a walker
  • He can climb the stairs
  • Confident with cruising around furniture
  • Answering back
  • Expressing himself with hand gestures

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