Blogmas Day 12 – Look Back On 2018 Goals

Earlier on this year, I created a small list of goals for myself to achieve. I do this every year and 8/10 times I usually never achieve any of them…

Let’s see how I did this year.

1. Get A Tattoo

The first achievement I’ve done for the year, I’ve wanted to get a tattoo for years and I finally did it! I got my first tattoo.

Not the lion like I originally planned but that will come later, just a small one on my forearm. It’s an arrow and Logans name and date of birth underneath.

2.Work on confidence

It still needs working on but compared to the start of the year my confidence has improved a quite a bit!

Never in my life did I think I’d work up the courage to talk to a camera and upload it onto the internet.

3. Find Myself

This is something I’m still working on, I’m still unsure what I want to do career-wise. I’ve thought about going into healthcare and then I rethink the idea and I put myself off. I’ve thought about going into photography but again I’ve put myself off as it’s very high competition in the area and I’d rather it stick to being a hobby especially when I don’t have the equipment. So far the idea I have is to go self-employed and actually make something out of this blog, deep down I think I’ve always meant to have been a writer just at the time it was never an ambition, now its turning into one.

Back in primary school, one of my teachers did say if I’m not an author she will be disappointed. I’ve always had it as a talent just never put it into use I guess!

4. Go back to college

I’ve attempted to! I’ve applied for two courses one at a college and another a university that holds access courses but because I’m so unsure what to do, I’ve put it off especially after failing the entry tests. I’m terrible at maths and really struggle to understand numbers as stupid as that sounds. I’m all for not giving up but I do truly believe if something meant to be it’ll happen. I’ve failed in education twice now I don’t think I want to go through all the stress again, especially when I’m so unsure on a career path at the moment.

5. Learn to drive

Nope, not even booked lessons or learnt any theory this year. This will remain a goal for a while. It really is just finding the right balance and the spare cash to do this.

6. Be more social

Yes! I’m still pretty housebound but I do feel like I’ve made more effort to organise to meet people even new friends. It’s not always gone to plan but I’ve plucked up the courage to try to make new friends and even reconnect with old ones. Even on social media, I’ve had the courage to talk to absolute strangers and build friendships over Instagram which is quite lovely!

7. Be more active

Can’t say I’ve achieved this goal, to be honest, I feel like my activity levels are the same! But even if I did achieve it I will always have this as a goal as fitness is something you can always improve on.

8. Go on holiday

Yes! We went on our first family holiday to Turkey in October and will be going away again to Belgium next week.

9. Learn a new skill

I thought about this thinking this is another goal I’ve not achieved but I have! I’ve learnt more about the blogging world which I’d like to class as a skill. I’ve also learnt so many new techniques on editing.

10. Grow my blog

Back when I wrote the ‘Goals for 2018′ blog post I had around 50 followers, I had been blogging for around 2 months and I was ever so proud. Now I have over 400 followers something I never expected at all, getting my first 100 followers was such a huge achievement I felt on top of the world hitting that number. My view count has also shocked me I’m so close to hitting 20k views, which is amazing!

But it’s not all about numbers of course, I’ve made some lovely blogging friends the community is amazing and so so supportive. I’ve also had some brilliant opportunities out of blogging which I’m so grateful for. Which I wouldn’t have been able to do without You! So thank you to all my readers, new and old💕

I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings. Keep an eye out for my 2019 goals blog coming soon 🙂

What goals have you achieved this year?

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