Blogmas Day 16 – Goals For 2019

I’ve missed a few days of Blogmas oops! Not intentional but my original schedule didn’t go to plan so we’re carrying on from here. I’m actually surprised I’ve made it this far into Blogmas!

So today’s blog is a follow on from my last blog of goals I’ve achieved this year. I thought it would be a good time to share my goals on what I want to achieve as a family next year, so here we go!

Family Holiday

Is a huge must! I feel like this will be a goal every year. A holiday is so important to get some time together that’s stress-free together. I don’t even mind if it’s a holiday in the UK a getaway is a getaway.

Hopefully, extend our family

We’re wanting to give Logan a little brother or sister so a new addition to the family next year would be lovely!

Get settled into our new house

We have the keys, now its just time to get it decorated and carpeted so it’s safe for Logan to crawl around. I can’t wait until it’s finished so we can move in, hopefully, it will be done right at the start of the year hopefully!

Logan to start nursery

This is a huge must, I love spending my time with Logan don’t get me wrong but I think sending him to nursery even if it is one day a week will benefit him hugely. Plus I can get a bit of me time or go back to work.

Start Youtube (again)

I have a Youtube channel as many of you know, it only has two videos and I’ve not done anything since. Mainly because of confidence and just trying to understand editing on my phone which is so much harder than doing it on a laptop in my opinion. Doing the videos were fun but I think I will start afresh in the new year when We’re settled into the house. I have so many ideas I want to do for the channel! It also gives me time to do more research on how differently YouTube works compared to blogging!


I include this one every year but one of us NEEDs to achieve this by the end of the year. Realistically Jonny has more chance but we will see.

Grow this blog into triple numbers!

In my last blog I did say that numbers don’t matter and they don’t but as a blogger, we all have goals we want to achieve. So my goal for 2019 is to hit 1000 subscribers on my blog. I’d also like to do more giveaways and attend blogging events, which seem fun and there’s so many after the new year that I’m dying to attend!

What’s your goals for the new year?

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