I Didn’t Expect This to Happen When Using Childs Farm! : Product Review

For a few months now I’ve been testing a number of different brands at bath time!

We were kindly gifted by Child Farm to use their range of products.

Now let me start by saying I’ve always been a Johnson’s lover, it’s cheap and it does the job. However, since trying Childs Farm, I’m converted. This brand is hands down the best I’ve used. It is more on the ‘pricer’ side compared too other products I’ve used but still affordable and 100% worth £3.99 a bottle.

So in the package, I received ‘Organic sweet orange body wash’ and baby moisturiser.

The organic orange body wash was a hit! so much so we used it all whilst in Turkey as we all loved it and showered more than we usually do. It was also incredibly soothing on sunburn. A little bit definitely goes a long way and it’s not a bad shampoo either.

Since then I’ve made it essential to buy for bath times now, my current favourite scent is ‘Strawberry and Organic Mint’

Now the moisturiser is a product used not only on Logan but all of us. Thankfully, Logan doesn’t take after his dad as he suffers from eczema so I can’t say what it’s doing for his skin apart from it makes it lovely and smooth and we’ve had no reactions.

However, I’ve seen results on my own skin. At the moment my skin is suffering from spots and my skin is super dry now its winter! Childs farm has made my skin condition better and lets me tell you a little secret… It’s a fantastic primer!

As for Jonny, it’s a product which hasn’t reacted badly on his sensitive skin, if he used it religiously it may actually help clear his eczema completely.

The thing I love most about Childs Farm is the ingredients! It’s free from parabens, its organic and has no nasties. All the scents are gorgeous and the illustration designs are adorable. It may not be Johnson type prices but it’s still affordable. Especially with 3 for 2 deals!

Childs farm is really easy to get a hold of either online or high street stores such as Boots, Superdrug, Holland and Barrat etc.

When I did an Instagram poll on what bath products to try a lot of you did recommend Child’s Farm, Thank you for such a great suggestion!

Question of the day is: Are you a user of Childs Farm? If not what’s your favourite bath product?

As you may notice it’s the last blog post of the year so I’d like to say a Happy New Year to all my readers and hope that 2019 gives you happiness and good health xx

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