The secret is out…

Call me crazy but…


Another little addition to add to to the family, another little baby to experience all the flips and kicks for the next few months! Exciting stuff.

I will say that this pregnancy has been quite different from when I was carrying Logan, it started off quite rocky. I’ve had bleeds, nausea and oh my the cravings are ridiculous this time around! Forget the summer bod for the next three years with the number of sweets I’ve been eating recently, it’ll take me that long to lose the weight!

Luckily now I’m in the second trimester, pregnancy has been a lot kinder to me, well sometimes the ache and pains in my back and arms are becoming a joke. I feel like I’m 21 going on 91.

This baby is a fussy mare with food at the moment though, I’m not eating properly, most foods that I enjoy the baby does not. At the minute it’s only tolerating sour sweets and chicken noodles and on the occasion, fruit. So I mean it’s dead healthy diet, right?!

We’re not going to find out if this baby is a boy or girl (please don’t hate me!) just like we didn’t with Logan because we just love the surprise and I personally find it keeps pregnancy more exciting especially at the end when you just want the baby out.

So yeah, a busy 2019 for us! A new home and a new baby.

I can’t wait to share my secret pregnancy diary I wrote from the first trimester with you all and carry on with the updates and eventually show my bump when this baby decides to pop out. So I hope you all stick around for the journey!

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