Why I say YES to having a Student Midwife

It actually shocks me how many people choose to say no to having a student midwife attend appointments and assist with the birth.

I get why people say no and obviously it’s a personal choice. Maybe The number is so high because it’s down to lack of experience and bad experiences.

For me, I always say yes! That’s for any medical student. I’ve had a bunch of Junior doctors look after me when I’ve been admitted to hospital. They’ve had to take all sorts of tests including blood and quite honestly, it was the most pain-free blood test, from my awkward arm too, may I add!

I’ve also had plenty of students see me naked in an operating theatre, I mean I was put to sleep so I didn’t care but I didn’t exactly prepare for the occasion you know. I could’ve and should’ve shaved my legs but what can you do.I’m sure they had more important things to focus on.

1.No one is instantly qualified

Everyone starts somewhere, don’t they? In any career, no one is instantly qualified or experienced you have to learn.

What better way for a student to learn is getting stuck right in with the practical side.

No medical professional would know what to do without having to be a student and work all the hours, with no pay!

For me personally, I’ve had a student midwife twice, not at birth but at appointments and they’ve been brilliant. They get stuck right in, You can feel how much they want to pass their degree, the level of care and empathy is also brilliant.

2.Continuity of care

Now when I got asked if I’d allow a student midwife at birth I asked a few questions on what they do. One thing that stood out to me is your student midwife will stay with you as they’ll have no other patients to see, whereas your midwife may have to leave the room to see to others patients.

Having that security of one person to support you during labour without leaving the room is lovely. A lot of women can say they didn’t feel like they got enough support but with a student midwife, you will have constant support and partly trained eyes on you too.

It also gives your birth partner some time to relax too.

3.Up to date

A huge benefit with student midwives, They’ll have up to date information and training. Like all things, information changes over the years with new scientific discoveries and research.

4. More personal

With a student midwife present at birth you can both get to know each other more personally. They can feel more like a friend than a medical professional who just updates what you last did in your notes.

5. You’re helping them

Linking with my first point you have to start somewhere. By allowing a student midwife to be present you’re helping them gain the experience they need to pass their degree.

As far as I’m aware to pass the degree its not just lots of paperwork and exams that need passing, they need to attend a certain amount of births to qualify. Which makes total sense. They need to gain confidence in the practical side to qualify because I imagine the first few births are extremely nerve-wracking especially when no woman’s birth is the same, it’s unpredictable and unique.

A dummy can’t quite give the same level of training and let’s be honest them things probably don’t look or feel like a real vagina. It probably doesn’t do accidental poos either, like how can they prepare for that?

So if asked if a student midwife can attend your birth and you’re on the fence with your decision, consider saying yes! 🙂

If you’re a student midwife I’d love to hear your experiences and let me know about them dummy’s, I’d love to know what they’re capable of 🙂

Would you say yes to a student midwife attending your birth? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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