Logan’s 11 Month Update

I Can’t believe another month has flashed by in a blink! Also, it’s only a month to go until our not so little baby turns one!

Crazy to think that we’re sat planning Logan’s big day already, I have no clue where the past 11 months have disappeared to, having a baby really does make everything go by so fast.

This months update isn’t going to be a long post as I want to save it all for his 12-month update and quite honestly since last month not a lot has changed.


We don’t get him weighed regular anymore for obvious reasons everything slows down at this age. He’s in 12-18 months clothing now and looks so grown up! When he stands he looks huge too. He’s definitely going to be a tall lad.


His routine has changed again… But that’s due to change I recon as we’ve just recently moved house so it’s all new to him. It’s actually changed for the better, however.

He actually naps in the day time which is brilliant not just so I can get things done but because he actually sleeps better on a night.

For bedtime, he falls asleep anywhere around 8-10pm but no later. He only wakes once a night if that and only for a few seconds to have a drink as we’ve introduced a bottle to him. It’s a sports one by Tommee Tippee and honestly it’s a godsend. He’s gone off his Munchkin 360 cup unfortunately but with his new sports cup it gives the same suckle motion he gets when feeding from breast. He actually prefers to drink from his bottle most nights now which is great! Maybe it’s a sign of him weaning of breastfeeding.

He still wakes up between 6/7 in the morning depending on how lazy he’s feeling. He will choose between his bottle or breast it differs every day, he has has bum changed and then its playtime! We let him play for 30-40 minutes and then we all go downstairs for breakfast.


He’s so so good at eating! He really isn’t fussy in the slightest. He eats and wants everything we eat, he will scream if we don’t share or eat without him. He’s hardly chucking food on the floor now which is a huge bonus, I have a feeling it’s because he doesn’t have Charlie to share his food with no more!

He loves his fruit at the moment he has two full oranges a day and a banana and either an apple or a kiwi which nearly every meal. He’s also loving Readybreak for breakfast.

Instead of doing milestones for this month I’ll just briefly update some new things he’s getting up to or learnt!

  • His speech has improved massively this month, its like he understands us and the words he’s replying back with. If we ask him a question, he will usually say ‘YEAH’. If he wants one of us, usually being me, he will clearly say mama or dada on the odd occasion he wants some daddy time. Before moving he also learnt how to say Charlie a lot more clearly, he’s also very close to saying ‘Nana’ now too and again he says it to the right person.
  • Climbing, oh my god as a parent you need eyes everywhere! Logan has discovered you can climb on to almost anything. He thinks about it logically too if he can’t quite get his leg up to climb up onto furniture he will move his toys until he can! So clever but super danger prone the moment.
  • He tries to sing wheels on the bus back to us whilst doing the correct hand gesture!
  • He loves playing with his sorting shapes, mostly banging most the shapes in hope they may fit into slot but he is starting to concentrate and inspect what shape goes into which hole. He’s done a few with no assistance which I’m so impressed with, he’s also recently taking an interest into puzzles too. He’s still working them out but he’s getting the gist slowly.

I’ll leave it there! I can’t believe next month will be his first birthday post… I’m so not ready to have a one-year-old!

To end this post have a super cheesy photo of Logan

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