The second Trimester: 13-17 Weeks Update

This week’s blog is to update on how the Second Trimester is treating me so far.

Let me start by saying thank bloody God the first one is over with! I now have more energy, in a fashion. I’m eating loads better as my cravings have calmed down and my nausea that I did suffer with has disappeared woohoo!

However, the second trimester isn’t been too kind to me oh no! I’ve now been hit with dizzy spells and pains in my arms which I’m guessing is Carpal tunnel… (Not diagnosed still need to ask about it) oh and back pain. Back pain where I can’t move sometimes which is a massive pain in the arse, quite literally.

I’ve also gone back to my teenage years so it seems, yep spotty Sadie is back. I have spots on my face and my back. Hormones eh, all fun and games isn’t it.

It’s not that bad though it’s all just irritating stuff. It comes and goes. I mean I wish it didn’t. I wish on the good days that it stays like that but we can’t have it all can we, I had a smooth journey with Logan’s pregnancy I guess I need to experience the other fun stuff that comes along with making a baby. I also feel the need to rock the smackhead look for a while because there’s just no hiding these spots and dark circles under the eyes.

The benefits though is my hair is thick and feels pretty damn good at the moment. I’ll take that and class it as my ‘pregnancy glow’.

So bump update here we go, the first bump photo of the pregnancy!

Yes, finally my little baby has decided not to hide anymore and make an appearance. I’m still not feeling any movement unfortunately which I’m super gutted about. Everyone tells me ‘oh you show with your second dead early!’

Awh you feel your second earlier!’

Well not with this baby it isn’t!

It is amazing to see how different each pregnancy is. Just everything about this pregnancy is so different to my first. Maybe that means I’m carrying a girl this time who knows!

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