Pampers…Are They Really The Best Nappies On The Market?

So a few months back you may have read my blog on different brands of nappies and which I found to be the best. If not you can read that post here.

Since then my opinion has changed a lot.

I’m not going to lie I’ve become a ‘Pampers snob’ as some mummies would say. Don’t get me wrong supermarket brands are great on a budget they do the job but quality wise? Nothing comes close to Pampers.

Recently you may have seen my post that Logan and I got chosen to be apart of the Pampers Squad! Which we are both super grateful for.

When we received our box of goodies (bigger then we expected by the way!) We received a full pack of size 3 premium protection nappies, 5 packs of size one premium protection testers and some coupons you share with our pregnant pals!

I have been using these nappies for a while so I knew the quality was great, however, I was so excited to try the tests that Pampers had advised us to try.

For the tests we used Aldi’s Mamia nappies, a brand I will admit that used to be my favourite!

1. The Touch Test

So the first test we carried out were the touch test. For this test, we compared how soft the nappies were to everyday objects such as a blanket.

Obviously, the nappy wasn’t as soft as the blanket but it was pretty damn close!

Aldi, however, wasn’t as soft. The nappy itself just feels super spongy, I would say it was a pretty close competitor, however!

2. Cheek test

Doing the cheek test was honestly my favourite test. This test really did bust the myth that not all nappies are made equal.

This test involved pouring 100ml of water in each nappy. I waited a few seconds and then squeezed and shook the nappy to mimic a babies movements. I then held each nappy to my cheek and this is where the results shocked me.

The Mamia nappy felt so heavy compared to the Pampers nappy, it was also still drenched and felt cold and a bit rough in texture! Now I can’t imagine that feeling too good for our little one’s bums!

The Pampers nappy, however, felt almost dry! And so soft to touch just like when we tried the touch tests!

Now this test really did amaze me I had to do it again but with Logan’s Dad. Now, he is fussy with the quality of nappies but he thought the Aldi nappies would work exactly the same as Pampers.

Here a video of his reaction below!

See Pampers wins.

Overall conclusion

After performing these tests I can say I will never ever use supermarket brands again. When Logan was first born we had different brands of nappies to try, some leaked, some left him with a rash. Over the months we did choose Pampers to stick with as they became the only nappies to hold his poo without causing a poonami!

With the new baby, I won’t need to change brands as I’ve done and the tried and tested methods now. Not all nappies are the same and yes Pampers may be on the pricer side of Nappies but you really are paying for quality. There’s also a reason to why they’ve been rated the best nappies for newborns by the British Skin Foundation.

Have you tried Pampers Premium protection? Let me know your thoughts!

Fancy being part of the Pampers Squad? sign up here

*Also save your money this month with the baby events! Tesco has been the cheapest so far and we’ve 100% made sure to stock up. £3.75 a pack you really can’t go wrong! link here *

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