The Second Trimester: Eggs Can Do One.

Week 18

14th January
I so need to keep up with this diary more but honestly there’s not been much to tell until now.

I’ve posted complaining that I’m only just showing and that I can’t feel baby move yet.. well well well. I think I may have spoken too soon. I think I’ve felt the baby kick…

But not in my front. The kick feeling is all in the bottom of my back and my bum. Like it doesn’t feel nice or normal but I’m sure it is normal if it is actually the baby kicking cause everything is pretty much normal in pregnancy, isn’t it?

I’m not going to Google it. My friend does this ALL THE TIME. She never learns πŸ™ƒ

Okay, I lied I totally Googled it and now I’m confused like two posts said yes and the rest well… Is a no. I wonder what it is then. Am I breaking? Shrinking maybe? I don’t know what it is buts its weird and it hurts.

January 15th
Eggs can fuck off. I no longer like them because they just disappoint me to be honest.
Jonny was being nice and doing me some dinner, using our lovely new egg machine that does the ‘perfect’ egg.

No, it lies its all lies.

His eggs yeah they turned out great but he decided to use them for an egg mayo sandwich… My eggs. Solid. How the frigging hell am I meant to dip my bread in a solid egg?

Anyway, he tried again but this time undercooked. So third time lucky still no bloody luck. By this point, I’ve wasted like 15 minutes of my life and I’m hangry and hormonal. I can’t even look at an egg any more.

Don’t think my mood helps with the fact I’m still not over the ignorant bloke on the bus that kept huffing and puffing because someone sat next to him and he had no leg room. Full bus too. My bag also broke.

To add to the list of things irritating me today…
The bathroom light. You literally have like 8 seconds to pee or it turns off and you’re in darkness. Then it decides to come on again when you’re done and about to leave the bathroom.

We need a new light, why didn’t we get that whilst in town?!

Today can just simply fuck off.

16th January
I feel dead. Logan kept us up for most of the night as he just wouldn’t settle or sleep. All because he was hungry, sorry starving at 3:30 this morning. I swear this kid can eat all day.

Anyway today’s plan is to go for a walk but quite honestly the whole house needs a deep clean, so that won’t be happening. Plus the weather is crap so I really can’t be arsed.

House is all cleaned!! Logan’s all settled and it’s time for Harry Potter. Today’s been a good day.

Eggs… Eggs can still do one. I still can’t stand the sight of them in my fridge right now. I mean they smell the house out anyway. Who needs eggs. Not me.

January 17th

I feel 13 again. These spots are becoming a joke. Good job I live in the middle of nowhere because no way am I leaving the house with my skin like this.

January 18th

So baby brain has hit me today so has nesting. Well, at least I think it has, not too sure if it’s just lots of housework needs doing or I’m just making a chore for myself. To be honest it’s probably both…but I secretly enjoy it especially when I get stains out of Logan’s highchair straps and get taps super sparkling clean. Oh, it’s the little things that make me happy.

And as I write this I realise how sad adult life really is. Do we really wish to grow up so fast to get excited over cleaning products? Something we all used to hate doing as kids?…well at least I did anyway.

Today’s been by pretty fast, we’ve cleaned the house, we’ve had lots of play time with Logan and finally got out for a walk to see more of the village, which was lovely.

It’s 6 pm at night and I’m now motivated to decorate and try to finish our room. Where the hell has all this energy come from?

I did plan to decorate myself but Jonny insisted on helping, which I won’t complain about it gets the job done quicker doesn’t it? Well, he’s moaning like a little bitch. He hates the colour, bit late to take it back now hun. You also choose to do the room blue! We spent 40 minutes in B&Q choosing this frigging colour and waited 15 minutes to get it blended… And now you don’t like it. Great.

I hate decorating. Can’t it just do it itself, as you do on the decor apps? Yeah, that would be great. Can we bring that technology out in the future, please? We have smart homes now surely they can decorate themselves soon.

We also got distracted during decorating by the neighbour. I say this like its a bad thing but it’s not, she came to introduce herself and gave a house warming present which was super sweet. We’re super lucky to have such nice neighbours. Only thing is… That house warming present was Prosecco.


Good job I’m not overly keen on the stuff to feel like I’m missing out.

Nearly forgot to mention that today has hit me with hunger, I can’t stop eating, this new baby seems to have an appetite and a good bloody aim at kicking where it hurts. Like I’m super happy I can feel them move on a night but not in my back, bum or cervix. It isn’t pleasant.

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