Baby Name Series :Unique and Forgotten Names

Hello! I hope you’re all doing well.

From this week I’ve decided to do a baby name series as its a post that’s usually highly requested and to be honest I love looking at baby names and hearing new ones! Especially now I’m expecting again.

So to start the series off I’m doing Unique and forgotten baby names. Some may be a little bit ‘out there’ so prepare yourself.

Girl Names

  • Adleysimilar name to ‘Ashleigh’ and a good alternative to ‘River’. Adley is a Hebrew name and means “Up From the River
  • LigeiaA really unique name and great if you’re into Greek names! Meaning of the name: “clear-voiced, shrill, whistling”
  • ClementineA super pretty and old girls name that has been forgotten about over the years. Originally French with the meaning “mild, merciful
  • IantheIf you’re into flower and nature names but looking for something different this name might be for you. Pronounced ‘eye-on-the”. The super pretty name meaning “purple flower”
  • MableMable is such an old and forgotten name. It does seem like the typical ‘old lady’ type names are making a comeback! Mable should definitely make a comeback, its cute and the name will grow nicely with them.
  • Opal – A lovely sounding name for your little girl with a lovely meaning ‘precious stone‘. If you love your gems this name is for you.
  • Sailor – A quite out there but super pretty and unique name is Sailor! It can be used for a boy also but personally, I much prefer it for a girl.
  • Rosalind – Another name that’s been forgotten about over the years is Rosalind. It’s a pretty name and can be shortened to ‘Rosa’ or ‘Rose’ which is still super pretty and sounds more modern.
  • Demetria – Another lovely but unique name to add to the Greek-inspired list is Demetria. Meaning of the name is ‘Follower of Demetre’ and is based on a Greek Heroine.
  • KalaniPersonal favourite girls name of mine which is Kalani! Meaning ‘The heavens sky’ and ‘The royal one’. The name is pretty and different. Hawaiian names never seem to disappoint.


  • Raiden – Something a little different, a Japanese mythology name meaning ‘thunder’
  • Lowell – Super cute French name meaning ‘wolf cub’
  • Bodhi – I’ve noticed this name becoming a little more popular but not popular enough. Bodhi sounds lovely and means ‘enlightenment’
  • Lloyd – Not unusual but definitely a forgotten name. Lloyd died out years ago. It’s a lovely boys name.
  • Walter – An oldie but a fab name for a boy that grows with them. It’s a strong name meaning ‘ruler of the army’ and I mean who wouldn’t want to share there name with the famous Walt Disney?
  • Percy – Percy is a super cute name for a boy, it’s not unusual but has been forgotten over the years.
  • Loxley – This is actually a name choice if I have another boy but sadly Jonny hates it. It’s different and has connections to Robin Hood. Also a good alternative to the name ‘Lachlan’
  • Alvie – Alvie is a cute name but with a sweet meaning. ‘Noble friend’
  • RykerRyker is a different name and has a strong meaning ‘powerful ruler’.
  • Rupert – Again this was one of my names choices for a boy, its a forgotten boys name which is cute but easy to grow up with. Also a name after a fab bear from my childhood. Also how cute is the nickname ‘Rupert Bear’?

Any names you like on the list? Or have you got any children/relatives with one the names listed? 🙂

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