The Second Trimester: Braxton Hicks

20th January

Everything about today has just been shit, I’ve woke up in an awful mood. My backs in agony. The bath hasn’t helped in the slightest.

I have zero energy and motivation today and I’ve also just been nearly knocked out by the freezer. Yes, you read that right. The freezer door thought to drop on my head as I was trying to reach my short arse to get Jonny a pizza out.

I now have a brill bruise on my head to go with my spotty complexion. Great. I’m also extra tired with a banging headache now… Is it bedtime yet?

21st January

Early start today and I honestly can’t function without breakfast or a drink first thing so food shop was a bit challenging. Just made me feel so sick smelling all the meat section. Especially the sight of bacon. No thanks.

I was happy however on how well Logan had slept! He woke up once and didn’t wake until 20 to 8. I hope this sticks because I like it. His moods are so much better now he’s sleeping more.

Anyway, I’m amazed at Tesco. They have a free fruit section where you can give your kids fruit whilst you shop. How handy is that? So whilst shopping, Logan was quite happy to munch on a banana with the biggest smile on his face.

After shopping we finally sat down for a drink and a snack. Thank God. I don’t know what came over me though as I picked a green smoothie. Yes, green, the one that looks like sick. The one where everyone gives you disgusted looks whilst you drink it.
I’ve suddenly become healthy now, who needs sweets. Just give me a green smoothie and some fruit. I’m sure that’ll help to drop the baby weight off in a few months!

After food shopping motivation hit me. I had a cleaning spree. All the rooms but the living room got tidied. Jonny also got lots done today and finished laying down the carpet in the outhouse and lino in the bathroom leaving us with just our bedroom to carpet now, thank God.

Pretty productive day, with time for a bit of self-care and to watch the soaps. Which we’ve missed since moving in. I think I may be a morning person now especially if I can get this much done in a day.

Ha just kidding I’ll change my mind in the morning when I’m struggling to get out of bed. Sleep is just too good.

22nd January

It’s currently 2:30 in the morning, I’m still awake and can’t sleep. My mind is on cleaning. I want to clean. I’m watching a bunch of decluttering videos which aren’t helping my urge if I’m quite honest…

I should probably sleep but body and mind think otherwise…ASMR isn’t working either. WHYYYYY

I ain’t getting up in the morning am I… Or maybe I’ll stay up. That seems like a good option but there’s literally nothing to do this early in the morning.

First birthday planning is a ballache. My original plans probably aren’t going to plan now, so I’m now stressing on what to do to give Logan a good day. I don’t care if ‘He’s only one, he won’t remember’ I’ll remember and I’ll have so many pictures to share when his older to look back on.

Yeah, I was right. I’m so sticking to holidays for birthdays in future. Why is planning soo God damn stressful?

23rd Jan

I can’t sleep yet again and emotions have hit me in full force. The bad days just come from nowhere don’t they? I feel like shit and I can’t control my emotions.

Luckily woke up in a slightly better mood. Quite late into the day, to be honest, I only have over an hour to get ready and the house clean before Logan’s family nurse comes round. Oops.

Things went well with the family nurse, Logan is doing amazing. No shock. We can’t wait to get him weighed and measured on the next visit.

We finally got our 20-week scan date through today too! Which I’m excited for now 🙂

Was really looking forward to tea tonight as its one of my favourite meals. Shame the baby doesn’t like it. Cause now I have reflux and couldn’t stand the taste halfway through eating, it tasted like copper. Ew. I’m also craving oranges and some tangfastics but we have none in and have no shops nearby. Cravings always hit at the most inconvenient times.

24th Jan

Woke up at 5:20, I’m not even mad I’ve had just over 5 hours uninterrupted sleep! I grabbed Logan and brought him into our bed for a cuddle, I stuck Youtube on for us and he went back to sleep within 15 minutes (he’s obviously not a huge Fan of Patrica Bright)

We both didn’t wake up until 9:30! Logan was ready to play in his room and I got to have a bath in peace. Love his sleeping pattern at the moment, fingers crossed he skips on the 12-month sleep regression.

Today’s just been full of cleaning,eating and teaching Logan to walk. Oh and not to forget we’ve finally sorted Logans birthday, thank God stress is over. All I need to do now is order he’s gifts, birthday outfit and decorations!

I’m also still craving some Tangfastics which our fab next door neighbours are fetching around for me tomorrow!! 😀

It’s 9 pm I’m now craving cornflakes. Which we have in but I’m not a huge fan so I don’t get why I’m craving them so bad. Weird.

25th Jan

First night on my own in the house today! Actually quite nervous, not too sure why. Then again I am struggling with carrying Logan and placing him in his cot at night depending on the position baby is laid in. They’re definitely still all in my back and I’m quite certain he/she is sat on a nerve. The back pain is ridiculous and it goes all down into my legs. My right arm is also experiencing pain too. My health visitor said it could be sciatica so I’m going get that checked out because bloody hell it’s not pleasant I feel like I’m 21 going on 90.

Also how satisfying is it when you’ve finally caught up with the God damn washing that seemed like it was never-ending?! I feel like I deserve a medal.

The dishes, however… They seem never ending no matter how many times a day I clean, pots just magically appear on the side to be washed. Not irritating at all.

Don’t know why I worried about being on my own, yeah the house is super quiet but I’ve got so much done today and I’ve spent lots of time with Logan playing and working on his balance teaching him to walk. He’s getting so good and dead steady won’t be long until he’s off now! I write this now with Logan fast on asleep, last leg on TV and getting other blogs organised whilst I feel faint kicks by the baby. Today hasn’t been a bad day. Oh also forgot to add that I’m binging on Tangfastics. That healthy lifestyle lasted one day didn’t it? Aha oh well.

26th Jan

I never had Braxton hicks with Logan but I think they may have just begun for this pregnancy. Oh shit.


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